The purpose of these regulations are to establish the expectations for players participating in the USS Independence simulation (hereafter the Sim) that is part of the United Confederation of Interstellar Planets (hereafter UCIP). These regulations are intended to be used in concert with the UCIP Constitution and Member Code of Conduct. Where these regulations conflict with rules established by the UCIP, the UCIP rules shall take precedence. By participating in the Sim, Players are accepting of and will be bound by these regulations.

The USS Independence simulation is a traditional, long-form simulation using third person narrative. The Sim is set in the Star Trek Prime universe in the year 2385. The primary goal of the Sim it to provide an outlet for creative story telling with a Star Trek theme with a secondary goal of fostering fun and a sense of community.

Canonical History

All of the Star Trek movies and television series, with the exception of Lower Decks, is considered canon. Events in movies and television series that occur after the year 2385 have not happened yet and are considered off-limits, unless part of a time travelling plot. Events in the Kelvin timeline are similarly off-limits, unless part an alternate universe plot. Events in other media (books, comic books, video games, etc) are not canon but can be referred to and used. Where canon and non-canon is in conflict, canon will take precedence.

Description of Participants

Simulation Master (hereafter Sim Master or SM) is responsible for the administration of the Sim tasked with maintaining good order and discipline of the Sim. Sim Master responsibilities include, but are not limited to, maintaining the Sim site, enforcing the regulations of the Sim, resolving disputes between players, conceiving missions or getting missions from the players, providing situational and environmental clues, and keeping the plot going.

Players are the other participants in the Sim. Players create characters, conceive missions, participate in plot development through individual and joint posts, and obey the Sim’s regulations. The player responsible for the creation and development of a particular character is referred to as Author of that character.

Characters are entities within the simulation through which the players interact and develop the plot. Characters are divided into Player Characters (PC) and Non Player Characters (NPC). PCs are the primary method by which player interact in the Sim and develop the plot. NPCs are props that are used by Players and the Sim Master to develop the plot. PCs are considered the intellectual property of their Authors. NPCs are not considered intellectual property for the purposes of gameplay within the Sim

Participation Requirement

Real Life Comes First and the Sim Master understands that events in the real world can interfere with a players ability to participate but the Simulation is intended to be a collaboration between players through their characters. As such there is a requirement for players to significantly participate in at least one post or develop their character in at least one personal log entry per week. Only one mission post or personal log entry is required, not both. The Sim Master will use the Crew Activity report to determine if a player in is violation of this requirement.

Players who violate the participation requirement by not posting within a week will receive a written PM warning from the Sim Master. Players who violate the participation requirement for two or more weeks will be placed in an Inactive role while the Sim Master attempts to make contact. Players who violate the participation requirement for four or more weeks will be removed from the simulation and their characters inactivated.

The participation requirement will be waive for characters on a leave of absence. A leave of absence can be requested on the Control Panel tab. A player must provide a duration for the leave of absence but do not need to give a reason. Participation requirements will resume upon the end of the leave of absence’s duration.

Characters of players on a short term (two week or less) leave of absence are considered to be on the ship but otherwise detained. Characters of players on an extended (more than two weeks) leave of absence are considered to have left the ship. A player returning from an extended leave of absence will need to work with the Sim Master to have their character reintegrated into the Simulation.

Use of Other Author’s Player Characters

Permission for other Players to use another Author’s PC is governed by the PC’s user permissions. User permissions are set by the Author on the Info tab of the character sheet. Player can view a character’s user permissions on the Personnel tab between the character’s name and duty position. These permissions do not extend to any use outside of the Sim.

Restricted – The Author has restricted all use of the character by other players. No other player can post the character’s thoughts, emotions, responses or reactions.

Limited – The Author grants limited rights to use the character in posts. Other players can post the simple responses, actions, and descriptions of reactions as long as they are in keeping with the character’s biography with particular regards to personality. Other players cannot post the character’s thoughts, emotions, or complex responses, actions, or reactions. Other players posts cannot permanently alter the character

Unrestricted – The Author grants full rights to use the character in post to other players as long as they keep to the character’s biography with particular regards to personality. Other players can post responses, actions, thoughts, emotions, and descriptions of reactions as long as they are in keeping with the character’s biography and do not permanently alter the character.

If the Author has not set User Permissions for the Player Character, it is assumed that the user permission level is Limited. The user permission level for all NPCs is Unrestricted.

Exception to User Permissions

Notwithstanding a Restricted user permission, the Sim Master has the right to use characters to set the scene at the beginning of posts as needed. The Sim Master will limit use to establishing character’s location and what they are doing at the beginning of a post in keeping with the character’s biography.

48-hour rule – A character is tagged in a post who does not respond within 48 hours is considered to be delayed by real life. Notwithstanding a Restricted user permission, other players have the temporary right to use the character in a limited capacity in order to keep the plot moving. Players will limit use to the simplest reaction or response that will allow the plot to move forward. Reaction or response must make logical sense and be in keeping with the character’s biography.

Conflicts between players

Should conflict arise, players are encouraged to work out their difference in using the Nova private messaging system. If players cannot resolve their differences, they can contact the Sim Master to adjudicate their disagreement. Players who ask for adjudication by the Sim Master agree to abide with the Sim Master’s decision. At no time, will the players air their disagreements in a public forum, including but not limited to posts, comments, and news items.

Players who have conflict with the Sim Master are encourage to give the SM a chance to address their concerns but always have the right to submit a complaint to the UCIP Chief of Independent Sims.

Enforcement of Regulations

The Sim Master is tasked with responsibility for enforcing these regulations and the UCIP Code of Conduct. Players will report violations directly to the Sim Master.

The Sim Master is the sole determiner of whether or not a violation has occurred and the level of punishment that shall be imposed. Sim Master decisions can be appealed to the UCIP Chief of Independent Sims.

For violations determined by the Sim Master to be inadvertent or minor in nature, the player will receive a written reprimand from the Sim Master.
For violation determined to be of a more serious nature, the player will be receive a written reprimand and be moderated for a length of time to be determined by the Sim Master.

Players who repeatedly violate regulations or the code of conduct will be inactivated and removed after being given a chance to appeal their removal to the UCIP Chief of Independent Sims.

Draft dated Sept 5, 2020