Lieutenant JG Matt Doctor

Name Matt Fie Doctor

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 77kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Fair skin, average build, wavy hair, chinky eyes.
Human of French, Spanish, Filipino, Chinese and Cambodian heritage.


Spouse Albie
Children Mira, Allen and Jon (twins), and Joseph
Father John
Mother Pam
Brother(s) Alvin
Sister(s) Jeanne

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ever a curious explorer, ambivert, adventurous, intellectual, academic, and empathetic.
Has a cheerful and sociable personality that gives way to a serious demeanor when talking about facts, research, and studies, or when lives matter.
Strengths & Weaknesses Has ADHD which makes him quite absent-minded when things are going well or when he is pre-occupied. This gets him in trouble over minor oversights at times.
However, this also makes him quite focused and determined on a particular task when his curiosity is peaked. Pursuing an answer until satisfied.
Ambitions A frustrated novelist who could never find the right time to jot down his notes or start his stories.
He wishes to move into the scientific field and one day be Chief Science officer of a starship.

Hobbies & Interests Enjoys world history and the lessons to be drawn from its pages, the sciences, learning new things and philosophizing.
He likes classical and party music, depending on the occasion.
He loves reading and, despite the availability of Data Pads, prefers traditional cover books that were made when paper was still the standard.
He plays video games on his free time when not doing advanced reading in Psychology or the Sciences.

When asked to describe Matt, the common response of those familiar with him is that, he is someone you would always see eating. He is also a respectable cook.

Personal History In his youth, Matt didn't know what he wanted to be. He took up studies in Psychology, where he was a natural, with an interest in Space and Xeno Psychology (which he did advanced studies on). He had several love interests that didn't work out.
Later on, he developed an interest in Astrophysics and wished he had pursued a scientific career instead. He later took studies in this field while working as a counselor for Starfleet academy trainees.
He applied for Starfleet a commission to join the exploration ships as a counselor in the Medical Corps so as to be able to explore the stars and cultures he has always been fascinated about while finishing his advanced studies to achieving a position in the science team.
He was assigned to the USS-Independence as Chief Counselor and is his first posting.
Service Record StarFleet graduated majoring in Psychology with advanced studies in Xeno Psychology and Space Psychology.
He is currently taking up advanced science courses, including astrophysics while serving his tenure as Chief Counselor on a the USS Independence

Took up optional weapons and survival training.