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Ensign Gabriella Dubois

Name Gabriella Angela Dubois

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

User Permissions Limited
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 135 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Svelte and graceful, with an expressive face and full lips along with an exquisite figure.


Father Pierre Dubios
Mother Angela Dubios
Brother(s) Ramone Dubois

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gabriella is an out going young woman who struggles to keep her passions in control. Burdened by expectations from her family, she sought the refuge of equality in Star Fleet. She works hard to prove that she is not just a pretty face but will conceal her intelligence around strangers.
Strengths & Weaknesses S:Observant with a sharp mind. Great endurance and physically fit.

W: Tendency to be devious and over flirty.
Ambitions To achieve success in career and family.
Hobbies & Interests H: Keeping fit and learning flight maneuvers from all the greats like Kirk, Picard and Riker, to just to name a few.

I: Dance, Math, and Physics.

Personal History Gabriella is the youngest child descendant of Old French Aristocrats and only daughter in the current generation; born in 2359 in Laon France. She was the favorite child of her mother, aunts, and grandparents. Into her, two generations of Dubois women poured their hopes, fears, and desires. Her older brother, a scrappy Footballer, was very protective of her. Gabriella grew up feeling grateful to her family but stifled nonetheless.

Her Father, Pierre, owned and operated a few Cargo Ships. At an early age her Father taught her how to fly and after many hours of supervised flying, she was allowed her fly on her own. This continued throughout her late teenage years which became her passion.

Her natural beauty and intelligence made her a target of others; but her female relatives would not let her hide her appearance so she hid her intelligence instead to give others a sense of security and superiority. She excelled in dance, was a teenage Miss Paris, and was able to “only just” pass college entrance exams. But life at the University of Paris was much the same. She enlisted in Star Fleet at the end of her sophomore year.

Due to her extensive training, and excellent Simulation scores, Gabriella was able to bypass the Academy and was assigned to a Ship as a Support Craft Pilot.
Service Record 2379 – 2380: Joined Star Fleet as an Enlisted Support Craft Pilot, USS Defiant.
2380 – 2385: Promoted to Flight Control Officer, USS Defiant.
2385 – Present: Transferred with the rank of Ensign, Flight Control Officer - Helmsman, USS Independence.