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Lieutenant JG Kehlani

Name Kehlani

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

User Permissions Limited
Gender Female
Species Klingon (TOS appearance)
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 147 (brak'lul)
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue
Physical Description As a Klingon who looks Human, Kehlani is fit and athletic. She has been trained in traditional Klingon weapons all her life, as a member of House Grilka due to her father's status. And, Grilka saw ALL Klingons as useful, and cast no shame on her family for their genetic appearance thanks to Earth science.

***Special dispensation***

Kehlani is allowed to wear the armor she has on in her first bio pic, while on duty. As a member of a particular tribe of Klingons, and also a particular sect, Starfleet allowed it for cultural reasons so long as she wore the appropriate badges and insignia while on duty.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Kehlani is well-known in both the Empire and Starfleet for being rather tough-minded and by the hip. Her clear-headed pragmatism and reason were valued on multiple important occasions, involving the Klingons and the Federation, especially during the critical situation surrounding the President of the UFP and her entourage. She has shown to be extremely loyal to Starfleet but, also, her Klingon heritage. However, Kehlani ultimately proved that for the greater good, she was willing to discard her loyalties to either side if it conflicted with her core beliefs.
Strengths & Weaknesses Since working for Starfleet Intelligence, Kehlani has grown close to her partner Billi and their team known in the underworld as the Raptors. Though very professional when on the job, she jokes with her colleagues and is lighthearted during times of levity. However, she still remains professional and never lets her guard down covertly, not completely trusting most other field agents, nor do they trust her. Despite both sides not trusting each other, Kehlani was always saddened by the sacrifices field agents made to keep the citizens safe, to defeat enemies so she attended funerals occasionally out of respect.

More will be added, this is the meat of her bio...
Hobbies & Interests Just about anything, with music and singing at the forefront, and how she travels undercover.

Personal History Tribe:
Na'boq'ni, a tribe of savage Klingon nomads who brutally opposed early attempts at expanding trade through the Central Plains region on Kronos. Using foot trails created by the tribe, some of them little more than narrow depressions caused by years of foot travel, Na'boq'ni warriors are able to move with startling speed to flank and ambush cargo convoys. As time went on this tribe and the warriors within adapted to changing times.

Hand of Flame

Dismissed by many over the generations as being yet another myth inspired by Kahless, the elite fighting force known as the Hand of Flame has, in recent years, finally come to receive due respect and honor.

Led by three vaunted commanders, O'gat, Kollus, and To'Kar, the Hand of Flame began as a band of rebels opposed to the tyrant Molor during the time of Kahless. Each a master of a particular style of combat, this trio of veteran warriors combined their expertise and imparted it to their legions of soldiers, elevating the already formidable fighting skills of Klingon troops to a whole new level. After teaching Kahless and his armies to defeat Molor, the Hand of Flame continued on to become one of the most celebrated fighting forces in the Empire's history.

The tactics of the Hand of Flame continue to be studied by the academy students and seasoned warriors alike, and variations on their strategies have been employed by countless military commanders--with many of those battles ending with victory for the commanders, and annihilation of their enemies.
Service Record forthcoming...