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Lieutenant JG Jordan Haines

Name Jordan T Haines

Position Assistant Chief Tactical Officer/Chief of Security

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

User Permissions Limited
Gender Male
Species human-cheyenne
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 215
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color green
Physical Description Jordan has shoulder length hair, a pierced ear and several tattoos. He is tall and well muscled.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Judson
Mother Marcella
Brother(s) Joel (twin), Josiah
Sister(s) Jenna

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jordan is arrogant, stubborn. He is confident in who he is and doesn't back down. He allows people to see exactly what he wants them to.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jordan is a complex individual. Though he is good at delegating assignments given to him to others and appears lazy he is anything but that. He has more of a work smarter not harder mentality.

Jordan has a wicked temper when provoked. He does not trust easy and is hard to get to know and can count those he trusts on hand. He is either a friend or enemy but not both.

Ambitions To enjoy life and not get caught up in the traps of promotions and status' and importance people put on positions etc of life.
Hobbies & Interests Irritating and pushing peoples buttons. Meditating, practising the Sun and Ghose dance of his people back on Earth. Loves to play hockey on a holodeck when he can.

Personal History Jordan was born on Earth and has two brothers and a sister. His father was a member of Starfleet Headquarters and his mother lived off the land with what was left of the Cheyenne Nation. A marriage where the parents spent little time together did not last and when Jordan was 9 years old his parents divorced. His mother was awarded custody of Jordan and Jenna while Josiah and Joel were sent to San Francisco to live with their father.

Jordan was angry about being separated from his brothers, he could not understand why they chose their father. With the help of his grandfather he learned to channel his anger and a lot about his people. His mother started spending more and more time away from home and Jordan loved being with his grandfather.

When Jordan was eleven his grandfather passed away and they had to go live with their mother. Shortly after the move, Marcella got married to a smuggler and thus began the descent of Jordan Haines. He soon learned to lie, steal and cheat his way through life. Jordan hated his step father, he was mean to both Jordan and Jenna. By the time Jordan was sixteen he had taken Jenna and jumped ships, working for a group of smugglers and eventually had his own ship. By then, he had gotten Jenna safely to relatives back home on Earth.

Jordan was nineteen when his ship was caught selling stolen weapons in a sting by Starfleet Intelligence. Jordan was taken back to Earth for trial. This would prove to be an embarrassment to his father, an up and coming Admiral so Jordan was given a choice to join Starfleet or have the book thrown at him. Jordan almost threw the deal back in his fathers face but he saw it as a way to beat the system. He would do his time and go back to the life he lived.

Jordan chose security and he went through the academy, passing at the higher part of his class, regardless of his attitude, apparent arrogance and unwillingness to get along with others.

The USS O'Rourke was his first ship and he spent a lot of time doing the jobs no one wanted to do, but push come to shove, he was there when he was needed and showed that he was a good security officer. Upon his transfer the security chief told him he would go far if he would knock the chip off his shoulder.

Jordan next served on the USS Pentwater. His file is filled with reprimands, disagreements with crew and apparent disrespect. It was when the USS Pentwater was in a battle and all was thought to be lost that Jordan and a handful of security personnel, infiltrated the enemies and won the day. Jordan was given a promotion and sent to the USS Independence where his father, Admiral Haines, hopes the command staff will turn him into a stellular officer.