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Crewman Thomas Jefferson

Name Thomas Chogan ("Blackbird") Jefferson

Position Chef

Rank Crewman

Character Information

User Permissions Limited
Gender Male
Species Human - Blackfeet Tribe of American NW
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 187
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description American Indian


Spouse Marie Renie Jefferson (Paris, France)
Children none
Father Jackson "Laughing Goat" Jefferson
Mother Nuna Jefferson (Paris, France)
Brother(s) tbd
Sister(s) tbd
Other Family Uncle: Commander John Sunfeather, Starfleet

Personality & Traits

General Overview A dedicated Chef.
Strengths & Weaknesses Thomas has an almost 'mystical' knowledge and awareness of the natural world, flora, fauna, herbology, etc.
His culinary skills cover nearly every cultural food available on earth, and some that do not (dependent on what other races frequent earth in this universe). Give him a recipe book and he can produce anything.
He won't go anywhere near a replicator, for anything. All of his cooking tools are hand forged by experts around the Earth, spices are grown in gardens and meats are served from slaughtered animals.
Though smarter than pretty much everyone else around him, he does not brag about it. He does not hang trophies or awards, or even his degrees on his walls, they all go into a box and get put in a closet. He does not seek out adulation for his skills but he does derive pleasure from others enjoying what he creates and that is more than enough for him.
His greatest weakness/disadvantage is that he tends to do what needs to be done and at times does not consider consequences. He quite often comes off as a self important ass, not purposefully, but because he does not tend to explain himself and does not take into account that those around him don't generally appreciate the directness or truth that he expresses in a manner that does not consider others feelings or status.
Ambitions He is constantly seeking out new ingredients to create the 'perfect' dish.
Hobbies & Interests Tending his gardens
cooking, especially learning new recipes
running in the fields barefoot
talking to animals

Personal History Thomas grew up in the open plains of North Dakota running with the dear and elk and learning the ways of nature like most boys from the Blackfeet tribe. But there was more to his growing up than hunting and fishing.
Thomas was heavily influenced by his mother, who grew up in a family of chefs who were some of the greatest culinary artists in Paris. And his mother passed on all that she knew of creating dishes that would delight the pallet. Add to the skills he developed as a chef the herbology and and knowledge of the natural world gleaned from his fathers family he quickly exceeded his mothers culinary skills.
Graduating from primary school at an early age, he entered university at the age of 16 majoring in botany and biochemistry earning PhDs in both fields, by 22 he had completed his 3nd PhD in XenoBotany. He has been doing post graduate work in a number of other fields to expand his overall knowledge. And is currently working towards his Masters in Psychology specializing in psycho analysis. All the while using the knowledge he gleaned from university to help him advance his culinary skills on the side.
While he was working his way through his degree, a professor, recognizing his intelligence and natural ability as a scientist, coerced Thomas to apply to Starfleet Academy. He agreed to take the entrance exam, mainly to get the professor to stop bugging him about it, and failed every test (almost perfectly).
After graduating from University Thomas entered the Cordon Bleu to expand his culinary skills, though mainly his reason for entering the school was to get the official recognition that comes with graduating from such a prestigious institution. Shortly after moving to France he met the woman that was to become his wife who was also at the culinary school.
Shortly after completing his culinary education he, and Marie, moved to Lyon and opened a restaurant on the outskirts of the city on a farm to practice their craft.
A few years after completing his degree, his uncle convinced him that perhaps traveling in space would be a great opportunity for him to visit other worlds and find new and interesting items to add to his repertoire.
Though not "officially" recorded anywhere, Thomas's IQ is well over 200, and he has a photographic memory with near perfect recall.
Service Record none, failed entrance exam to Starfleet Academy