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Checking In

Posted on Tue Jun 1st, 2021 @ 8:18am by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Current


After her meeting with the Captain, Kat made her way to Engineering to look the Computer over and meet Ensign T'Sol. Her meeting with the C.O. went very well and Kat was quite impressed with Captain Ellis.

When she entered Main Engineering she saw a human female and went up to her "Excuse me Ensign, could please tell me where Ensign T'Sol is; I'm Lieutenant Zebot the new Computer Systems Specialist" Kat inquired.

"Hi Lieutenant, I'm Ensign Paige the acting Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, so nice to meet you. Ensign T'Sol is the Vulcan over there" she replied.

"Thank you Ensign Paige and it's nice to meet you also" Kat responded thinking that the Ensign was a really nice looking women.

Kat turned and went over to T'Sol who was busy at the moment "Excuse me, Ensign T'Sol, I'm Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot the new Computer Systems Specialist."

T'Sol turned and looked at Kat "Lieutenant Zebot, it's a pleasure to meet you. Commander O'Connell told me to be expecting you. I understand that you'll be doing double duty until Mr. Lance's return" T'Sol replied.

"Yes, that's correct. I'll be heading up Tactical and Security for now plus being a Specialist when time permits." Kat replied.

T'Sol raised that one Vulcan eyebrow "From what the Commander told me your quite capable of handling both jobs effectively due to your assets. Logically your the right choice for the task at hand" he concluded.

"Thank you for your vote of confidence Ensign" she replied "Now for the other reason that I stopped by"; Kat explained in detail what she had planned for the Ship's Computer Systems, since she knew he would understand, and when she had planned on carrying out those plans. Also she informed T'Sol that she had the Captains approval.

T'Sol looked at Kat "Sounds like you have a well thought out plan. When your ready go ahead with the upgrades; if I can be of any assistance please let me know" he replied "If you could please inform me when you are finished with the upgrades."

"Thank you and yes I will let you know if I need any help and also when the upgrades are complete. This is your department and rest assured I'll follow all Starfleet protocols and report directly to you at all times." Kat responded.

"Thank you, but there was no doubt in my mind concerning protocols and your ability to follow them" he replied.

"I think I've taken up enough of your time Ensign T'Sol and it was a pleasure to meet you. I'll start the upgrades after the sweep is completed and the Ship has been cleared" she said. Then Kat turned and walked over to talk to Ensign Paige before leaving Engineering.

"Ensign Paige thank you again for your help.....say since I'm new on the Ship....maybe I could treat you to a drink sometime in the Lounge" Kat said with a warm and friendly smile.

"Your welcome Lieutenant....anytime I can help....yes I'd like to meet you for a drink sometime. I know how hard it can be when your new on a Ship" Paige replied with a nice smile while thinking this is an interesting conversation.

"Wonderful, I'm looking forward to it" Kat said still smiling.

Now Kat would swing by her quarters and grab a few things then check into a hotel for the night then go find the Chief Computer Specialist and see about the upgrade software.



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