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Having A Word

Posted on Mon Sep 27th, 2021 @ 8:22am by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Updates And Character Development
Location: Various
Timeline: Current



Now that Jamie had worked thru his 'demons', with the help of Heather, he was determined to address the weapons issue with the Chief Engineering Officer on Jupiter Station; he was going to make sure they were up to Specs and even better than Specs. Heather decided to stay behind in their Quarters and curled up with a Science book that she had been wanting to read for awhile now. So after kissing her good-bye Jamie went to the Transporter Room to beam down to the Station.

{Jupiter Station}

O'Connell materialized on the Station and made his way to the Engineering Department to have a word with the Chief concerning their weapon's effectiveness. When he walked in he saw the Chief across the room and went over to him just as he was ending a conversation.

"Chief, If I may have a few moments of your time" Jamie asked.

"Commander O'Connell what brings you to my humble abode" the Chief queried "What can I do for you."

Jamie smiled "I need to discuss our weapons effectiveness or the lack thereof" he replied "Have you had a chance to take a look at the Indy yet."

"Wow, no chit chat just right to the point. No we'll be starting with your Ship within the hour" came the reply.

"Good. After our last upgrade at this facility our weapons didn't seem to pack the punch they did before. We were in a firefight a few days ago and I was afraid that we might loose the Ship because of it" Jamie stated.

Then the Chiefs demeanor changed "What are you saying Commander, my men do shoddy work" he stated matter of factly.

"No I'm not saying that at all....I'm just giving you the facts and would like everything checked to make sure that the weapons are up to actually I'd like them better than the Specs. If it had not been for the help from another Federation Ship the Independence could have been destroyed because of the weapons" Jamie stated.

"And what Ship came to your rescue and saved the day" the Chief asked rather sarcastically.

Jamie wasn't appreciating his tone very much "Sorry Chief but I'm not at liberty to say" he answered.

Then the Chief lit up "What kind of bullshit answer is come in here asking for my help and I can't even get a straight answer....what the hell."

Then O'Connell's Irish temper kicked in full force "Excuse me!!! May I remind you Chief that you are addressing an Executive Officer....if i tell you I can't say then I have a damn good reason for saying so. What I do need are for these weapons to be top notch.....we are a Battle I need these weapons on point....or do I need to speak to your C.O." Jamie asserted in no uncertain terms.

The Chief stood there for a moment looking at the Commander then let out a long sigh "Apologies Sir, it's just we've been really busy here lately and I guess it's starting to wear on me. We'll have your Ship looked at soon and will make sure your weapon's systems are better than Specs" he replied regretting addressing the Commander in that manner.

"Good, that's all I want Chief and we'll being testing them out on the Target Course before we leave just to be sure" Jamie said then turned and left the Chief to his job.

Jamie knew Mystery was at her house on Earth's Moon and thought it would be a nice surprise to stop in and see how she's doing. Also it would give him a chance to mention the new weapon, among a few other things, that he hoped she would approve; although he was going to mention it in passing....even Captain's needed a break from Ship's routine every now and then.

Reaching the transportation area Jamie made arrangements to borrow one of the Stations shuttle craft and go to Earth's Moon to see Mystery which would be about a ten minute trip one way.

{Earth's Moon}

Upon reaching the Moon Jamie let their air traffic people know he was on approach to land on the Moon. Keying in the coordinates for the Captain's house he proceeded to make a surprise visit. Tapping the Shuttle's Comms "Captain Ellis this is Commander O'Connell, I thought I'd drop by and say hello. Where would you like me to land my Shuttle' Jamie asked.

Mystery tapped the comm "Commander what a pleasant surprise, there is a shuttle on the west side of the house and an airlock entrance. Touch down there,"

Mystery headed to the kitchen and set a pitcher of lemonade and cookies on the coffee table.

"Understood Mystery, see you in a few" Jamie replied as he set down the Shuttle and engaged the airlock on his ride to the one on house. When it was secure Jamie made his way to the door and palmed the door chime and waited for an answer.

Mystery walked to the door and palmed the sensor letting the door open, "Welcome Jamie," she stepped back to let him in and closed the door again. Mystery led the way to the living room "Help yourself to some lemonade and cookies,"

Seeing the cookies "Thanks, so how are you feeling. Hopefully your soreness is gone" Jamie said looking around "Say you have a nice cozy place here."

"I'm still a little sore but nothing serious. Please have a seat," Mystery offered "I bought this place a number of years ago and even though I don't get here much it's a nice place to relax."

Jamie sat across from Mystery "Yes I can see that, this place is really nice. I wouldn't mind having someplace like this for Heather and myself to get away to once in awhile" he commented "Also I have a few other reason for dropping by."

"If you'd like to use it sometime let me know," Mystery replied "What can I do for you, the ship okay? Need me to come back? You need a break too."

"Just a couple of quick things and yes the Ship is fine and you need a break as much as anybody does. Firstly I met with the Station's Chief Engineer and explained my concerns with the weapon systems, which I guess he didn't appreciate. Long story short he blew up at me then my Irish temper kicked in. I reminded him who he was talking to in no uncertain terms and what I expected from him and his People; as well as the potential harm to the Ship and her Crew. He did apologize for his actions so I let it go and didn't contact his C.O." Jamie explained "When the Ship is done I would suggest we try out the weapons before we leave on their Target Course just to make sure the weapons are what they should be performance wise."

"You need a break as well, you had to step into a position that you may or may not have been ready for and did a hell of a job," Mystery commented "As for the weapons they were just upgraded, unless we were lied to. I agree we'll need a full test before we depart. We have enough firepower that we should have done some damage to at least one of this ships. After the weapons are upgraded run a full diagnostic on them to make sure this time we're good."

"Thank you by the way for your generous offer of your home; I'll keep it in mind. Also I met with Lt.JG Billi and had a nice conversation; she is a very unique person. During our conversation she informed me that another Lt.JG has partnered with her before and were very effective as a team. She also informed me that the other person has been cleared by Star Fleet and Klingon Intelligence to join our Crew if we so desire. Given the characters we've had to deal with of late, like Tyveris and Renault, I think it would be in our best interest to 'beef up' our Intelligence Department" Jamie explained.

"Billi was a big help to me, if her friend is half as good as what she is I'm all for it, the Klingon Intelligence would not have her in a position she's not trusted in, same with Starfleet Command. Let's make it so. As for the house just let me know," Mystery said.

"One last thing I want to make you aware of and I can get into the specifics later. After talking to Captain Yo I've obtained the Specs for one of her weapons, that according to her, we can make the same weapon by adjusting one of our phaser banks. I'll sit down and go over the Specs in detail if you think it's something that you'd like to explore further" Jamie explained then added "And I will most certainly let you know about borrowing your house in the future."

"If Captain Yo gave you the specs then it's something I'd like to explore and use," Mystery replied "I'd like to know more about them but I trust her judgement. Section 31 is not one to share information so the fact she agreed I'm fine with it. As for the house your welcome to use it. I'll give you the access codes to it and I'll make sure there is plenty of food in the kitchen."

"I just contacted her on a whim and was pleasantly surprised that she even gave me the information; of course she said she'd deny it to the death. She also asked if I knew about the Ship's Warp Cores and when I explained to her that I was the Chief Engineer before I became XO then she was fine with giving me the information" he explained "And thank you for entrusting me with the codes to your house, it's very generous of you and greatly appreciated. I know Heather would enjoy a get away here."

Jamie realized that he had been at Mystery's for awhile and figured it was time to get back. Getting out of his chair "I should be going and thank you for your hospitality. I hope I haven't bothered you with work too much" he stated.

Mystery stood as well, turned to a side table and jotted down on a sticky note the access codes to her house and handed it to him. "You've not bothered me at all. It feels good to have some say in the ship again. And yes I'm sure Captain Yo would and it will be our secret I only hope we don't have to depend on it a lot but it will be good to have extra fire power should the need arise."

Jamie nodded in agreement and made his way to the door and entered the airlock back to the Shuttle. After disconnecting the airlock Jamie fired up the engines, did a quick systems check, and was on his way back to Jupiter Station.



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