Splinter Faction And Assisting

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Two worlds are attempting to broker a peace treaty with a splinter faction from one of the worlds thinking otherwise. The Independence is sent to moderate the treaty and is attacked by the splinter faction. Marines could be sent down to the planet as a vanguard while all of the fighting is going on.

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Coming Aboard

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Post your characters coming onto the ship and reporting in with your departments. Get a chance to meet the Captain and the First Officer.

Part of Season One

Ghost Station

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The crew of the Independence is sent to find out why Star Base 945 has quit responding to hails from Star Fleet Command. Two docked star ships have been reported to being there and they too have not responded to hails.

Part of Season One

Shore Leave

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Time to flesh out your characters and have some fun while I come up with a new mission and while our new XO gets on. We're at Risa so have fun

Part of Season One

Distress Call

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The Independence is called to the aide of the Freighter Olympia that is adrift. It has life support but everything else has failed. They need our help.

Part of Season Two

By Odin!

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The Indy is assigned to escort a diplomatic delegation from a newly warp-capable culture on a non-aligned world.

Part of Season Two

Resupply and Refit

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The Independence is docked at Starbase 10 awaiting its next mission