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Security Details II

Posted on Wed Sep 16th, 2020 @ 8:45pm by Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance & Commander Charles Gillespie VII

Mission: By Odin!
Location: USS Independence
Timeline: Current

Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance approached the Chief Strategic Operations Officers office and asked the yeoman, “Is the new Chief available?”

“I’ll check, sir,” replied the yeoman who then activated the comm panel, “Commander Gillespie, the Chief Tactical Officer is here to see you."

"Understood," replied Gillespie. "I'm still meeting with the Captain. I will see Lieutenant Lance as soon as I am done here."

Cochrane blast it all, Kevin thought, With the XO transferred and Lieutenant Balrog AWOL, I don't have time to cool my heels. He checked the ship's chronometer. Less than five hours until the Ambassador was expecting to embark to all of the pomp and ceremony of a Federation Day celebration and Kevin was left as the fall guy in the event of failure. He dropped into one of the chairs in the anteroom and pulled out his PADD to continue his coordination.

Gillespie exited the turbolift and approached his office. Lance started to stand.

"Stand easy, Lieutenant. Sorry to have kept you waiting. How may I be of service to you?"

"Sir, I was visited by Mr. Gav Delai, the head of Ambassador Baer's support detail," Kevin reported formally, "He gave me the Ambassador's requirements for the upcoming mission. They are quite lengthy."

"I see." Gillespie motioned to the door.

Taking the cue, Kevin followed Gillespie through the door to the Commander's office, sending the requirements document to the Commander's PADD as he said, "With the departure of the Executive Officer and the Chief Operations Officer unavailable, I thought that I would bring this to your attention before the Captain's"

"Thank you, lieutenant." Gillespie read the document on his PADD. "Hmm... You said the Chief Operations Officer is unavailable. Could you explain?"

"Lieutenant Balrog frequently delegates to his subordinates," Kevin replied, "He also has a habit of getting himself into some unique situations."

"I see. Any chance he can be located before we depart?" While waiting for Kevin to respond, Gillespie tapped his comm badge. "Duty Operations Officer, this is CDR Gillespie. Please report to my office."

Kevin went back to coordinating the arrival ceremony on his PADD.

"Well, none of this is impossible. What challenges do you see?" Gillespie paused a moment. "Has the Charge d'Affaires reported aboard yet?"

Kevin was nonplussed. "What challenges do I see?" Was Gillespie testing him? "The ship's senior officers in full dress uniform to greet the Ambassador, two marine squad honor detail, 11-gun salute, full band playing Federation Anthem, Betazed Anthem, and To The Fleet, inspection of the honor guard, embarkation remarks from the Captain and the Ambassador. Then there is the matter of the reception for the Ambassador with all commissioned officers and senior petty officers in attendance."

"How do you eat an elephant, lieutenant?"

The junior officer gave a puzzled look.

"One bite at a time. Full dress uniforms - on hand or can be replicated. Marines - available. If we can bring the Ambassador aboard via shuttlecraft, we can stage the reception in the hangar deck. An 11-gun salute... that's new... What would they hit? Embarkation remarks... I don't think the Captain will be long winded, but... Make sure we remind the crew not to lock their knees. Is the wardroom large enough for the reception? The Diplomatic Corps should have a band available. How much time do we have?" Gillespie jabbed at his PADD. "Operational orders..."

The comm panel on Chuck's deck chimed. "Strategic Operations, this is Ship Operations," a voice came over the comm panel.

Gillespie set hi PADD down and responded, "I need an officer to assist LT Lance and myself in preparing for Ambassador Baer's arrival. Someone with protocol experience would be great, but not required."

"I believe that Chief sh'Rosa has protocol experience," the duty officer replied.

"Very well. Thank you. Chief sh'Rosa, report to CDR Gillespie's office." He looked up at Lance.

"Mr. Lance, I want to get everything rolling before briefing the Captain. I think everything in the request is possible. Some people get off on pomp and circumstance..." Gillespie took a deep breath and rolled his eyes. "Regardless, this is the request, and it is the minimum that we will deliver. Who else can assist us?"


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