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Reception II

Posted on Wed Sep 23rd, 2020 @ 7:49pm by Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance & Lieutenant Jamie O'Connell
Edited on on Sat Sep 26th, 2020 @ 6:02pm

Mission: By Odin!
Location: USS Independence
Timeline: After the Welcome Ceremony

Ensign Ferron was chatting up Lieutenant O'Connell. She was about a decade younger than Jamie, with luxurious black hair, hazel eyes, and a warm skin coloring that hinted at Arabic heritage. As she spoke, Jamie thought that he could detect a trace of the Castilian lisp.

After chatting with the Ensign for some time "Pardon me for asking, but do I detect a hint of Castilian in your voice?" Jamie inquired thinking that she was quite a lovely women.

"Yes, sir, you do," replied Valentina with a coy smile, "My family has hailed from the region since the Reconquista although there is a cadet branch of the family that lived in Ireland."

O'Connell's eyes widened upon hear the Ensign's pedigree "That's funny that some of your family came from Ireland; my family came from Cork County in Ireland. I guess it's true what they say 'it's a small universe'." If Jamie was smiling any more his face would have broken.

Kevin took a sip from the glass of mineral water that he had in hand and wished, not for the first time, that it were alcoholic. The Strategic Ops Ensign was clearly smitten with the Chief Engineer despite the age differences. The girls always went after the pretty ones, leaving Kevin alone with his ugly mug.

“The branch was created by an ancestor who washed ashore in Eire after his ship sank,” Valentina explained, “It remained a separate branch until the late twentieth-century.”

Ambassador Baer arrived at that moment, “Lieutenant O’Connell, I would like a moment of your time, if I can pry you away from this bewitching creature.” He smiled warmly at Ensign Ferron. Kevin took another drink.

O'Connell was a little taken back by the Ambassador's request, but replied warmly "Ambassador how can I be of service?"

“We have very little information on the technical capabilities of the Odinskusinerdreimalentferntwurdier,” the Ambassador said without changing tempo or mispronouncing the name of the alien race, “My staff was impressed with your deductions about their mode of interstellar travel. I would like for you to work with my Engineering Advisor in working up a technical profile on the Odinskusinerdreimalentferntwurdier.”

"I'd be more than happy to Ambassador. Have your Engineering Advisor contact me tomorrow when a good time would be; although I'll have to clear it with the Commander first. Star Fleet regulations if you will" Jamie replied feeling honored at the request.

“But, of course,” the Ambassador beamed, “I wanted to ensure that you were willing before bothering the Captain with trifling personnel details.” And as quickly as he had arrived, the Ambassador was off to converse with another cluster of officers, trailed by a civilian in a white jacket and blue trousers, holding a champagne bottle.

“Quite the social butterfly,” Kevin observed.

O'Connell turned to the Ensign and said, "Sorry about the interruption, now where were we?" But Ensign Ferron was gone. She was across the room in conversation with her boss, the Chief Strategic Operations Officer. After a short exchange, Valentina turned towards Jamie, her brows knit in regret and mouthed the words "I'm sorry" then she departed the mess deck.

Kevin finished his drink and said, "Well sir, I guess your stuck with me."


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