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Seeing The Boss

Posted on Sat Oct 3rd, 2020 @ 5:13pm by Lieutenant Jamie O'Connell & Commander Charles Gillespie VII

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current



O'Connell walked into Engineering and approached Ensign T'Sol "Ensign, what did you and the other Ensign figure out with the simulation for our escorting mission?"

"We have determined that at 125 meters distance between us and the O-D-K- ship we would loose 25% of the Warp Core function to extend the Warp Field; along with using the ram deflector. This would be the optimal distance. Knowing that you would rather have a lower Warp Core loss; at a 100 meters we would only loose 20% but by utilizing the ram deflector that would make up for the difference in distance, it's not optimal but it's certainly doable considering our warp speed" T'Sol explained.

"Would the distance reduction have any bearing on the percent of success rate?" the Lieutenant asked.

"No, with either distance the success rate would be the same; 92.85%." T'Sol said.

"Good, send all the findings to the Commander and he and the Captain can choose which distance that they prefer" Jamie ordered.

"As you wish Lieutenant" was T'Sol's response.

The Lieutenant looked up as he heard a rap on the bulkhead. "Good day, Mr. O'Connell. Is now a good time to visit?"

"Yes...please come in Commander" Jamie replied.

Chuck approached Jamie's desk, looking around. "This is quite an engine room." He nodded approvingly while he spoke.

"Thank you Commander, maintaining it is definitely a team effort; and from what I've seen we have one of the better Engineering Departments in Starfleet. Let me show you around" O'Connell said being quite proud of the Independence's engine room.

They walked up the steps to the elevated platform " These are all of our control panels for the different parts of engineering; warp core, impulse engines, computers, etc. The Warp Core is a single core which is rated at 1500+ Cochranes and feeds 2 warp nacelles and we also have one impulse system. The Warp Core is the same size as used in the Galaxy Class ships, which are considerably bigger and heavier than the Independence; so this gives us a lot of power to use. Then around the perimeter of the room you can see all of the ports for the Jefferies Tubes, both on the lower level as well as at the top of the ladders, which gives us access to the entire ship." was O'Connell's lengthy explanation.

"I hope it isn't the same design as the Galaxy class. Too many were lost to warp core breaches. By the way, my compliments on your knowledge on warp field dynamics and theory."

"Thank you Commander. As far as Warp Core breaches; I was afforded the opportunity of speaking to the Chief Engineer, before coming aboard, that built the Independence and he assured me that the breach problem had been solved by adding two more layers of acros-senite arkenride for 10x overpressure protection as opposed to the original design of only one layer. This should eliminate any Warp Core breaches from happening" O'Connell explained.

As they walked down the steps to the main floor, they made there way to one side of the room "Lastly this is the Holo-table that we use to run many of our simulations" he explained to the Commander.

"Interesting. I assume this is where you are working out your theory for speeding up the trip?"

"Yes....speaking of speeding up the trip; my Ensigns ran the necessary simulations. At 125 meters, which is optimal distance between our two ships, 25% of our warp capabilities would be lost due to extending the field in front of the ship. Next they figured that at 100 meters distance, in conjunction with the ram deflector, we would only loose 20% of warp capability. The Ensigns assured me that although it's not optimal that it's very doable especially at warp three or four. Personally I'd rather see the 100 meter distance just so it's not as much on the Warp Core. Either way we can expect a 92.85% rate of success. That being said I was going to leave the distance decision up to yourself and the Captain" O'Connell concluded.

"Excellent work, Mr. O'Connell. Please make sure everyone has the necessary information. I will back your recommendation with the Captain. My compliments to you and your staff." Chuck took another look around. "Yes, a fine engine room indeed!"

"Thank you Commander; and yes I'll make sure that everyone has the necessary information. Thanks for stopping by" O'Connell responded.

Immediately Jamie sent the information to Lt. Maida to go over with the Helmsman, Lt. Lance in Tactical, Lt. Curillo in Science, and Lt. Balrog in Operations. He gathered his Crew together to inform them of the Commander's praises for Engineering.



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