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A Leisurely Walk

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 3:09pm by Lieutenant Jamie O'Connell

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Corridor
Timeline: Current


Lieutenant O'Connell and Ensign Devroe had just left the Banquet and were making their way, leisurely, towards the Ensigns quarters.

“Ensign you looked really upset at the Odinkus' Captain when he hugged you.” Jamie exclaimed.

“UPSET! Upset doesn't even to begin to cover how I felt. I'm not accustomed to being treated like that and he's damn lucky that I didn't put him down like the dog that he is” the Ensign said in a loud voice “I'm sorry I didn't mean to raise my voice like that, but It just makes me mad when I think about it.”

“That's ok, I'm a good listener” he retorted.

"Yes you are; so what were those two blue robed woman up to that were sitting on either side of you” she asked.

“The one women on my left was hinting at....well... having casual sex with me; and that was not going to happen” Jamie explained.

The Ensign started to snicker “So you don't like casual sex don't like women?”

“Yes....I like women but I was not brought up to go around just sleeping with every women that I meet” he explained.

At that explanation Heather started to laugh out loud “I'm sorry.....I'm not laughing at you just the whole situation and it's refreshing to see a man that doesn't try to have sex with every women that he meets.”

“Not to change this fascinating subject” she said rather sarcastically “But have you given any more thought about maybe working out together some more, even though you are working out your own?”

“Yes I have...but I've had a lot of really early mornings doing simulation after simulation with Ensign T'Sol to make sure that the escorting goes off without a hitch” he explained “But after we get underway I'll come by so that we can workout together again, if that's ok.”

“That would be fine” she answered “Well we're here are my quarters. Thank you so much for walking me was nice to get a chance to talk.....and thank you for making me laugh.”

“Your welcome....and yes it was nice to talk when we aren't on duty....and I'm glad that I made you laugh. Have a good night; I'll see you soon” Jamie answered and then he left for his own quarters thinking “She is so gorgeous!”



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