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Saying Goodbye

Posted on Wed Feb 10th, 2021 @ 3:11pm by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Resupply and Refit
Location: Independance and Star Base 10
Timeline: Current


This will be my final post as captain of the Independence. Many things have led up to this. Things I wanted to do caused Russ to quit. Lance is SImm Master thus having full control of the simm. Had I not given Lance full control he’d have quit. As captain I feel as if I’m nothing more than a figure head. I had two friends join to help us out neither of them felt needed and despite my pleas both quit. I had hoped to continue as captain but recent posts have led me to re-consider. Our last mission played a very big part in this. To quote Spock the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. The one being me. I wish you all well. Posts I made were either wrong or ignored. Even my bio was criticized. As have been all of my posts. I tried to do several solo posts only to find they were wrong as Mystery was supposed to be someplace else. I really enjoyed simming with ya'll but I don;t see how I can stay. I joined at a request from Russ as we'd simmed together before.


“Captain your being hailed, it’s Commodore Song,” Communications called “She’s on Star Base 10 and wants to speak with you,” (Commodore Song is my CO Character on my ship in 22 Fleet. Please DO not post her period.)

“Inform the commodore I’ll meet her,” Mystery said, it had been several years since she’d seen Cyndi.

Nearly an hour later Mystery walked into Chin’s and spotting Cyndi walked over and joined her. “I’m glad you could come, it’s been a while,” Cyndi said once Mystery was seated “I bet your wondering why I called you.”

“The thought has crossed my mind commodore,” Mystery replied

Cyndi gave her old friend a long look and nodded “I’m here to offer you command of Star Base Zenith, it comes with a full promotion to commodore. I’ve been monitoring your progress and I feel your being wasted on a ship. You’ll do best on the Zenith and in charge of a fleet of ten ships, two of which have full fighter wings,” she handed her a PADD containing the information “So what do you say? Do you want the promotion?”

Mystery read the orders from Cyndi and nodded “Yes Cyndi I do, but what about the Independence?”

“Her new captain is already on the way, I figured you’d say yes to this,” Cyndi replied “My ship will be leaving in an hour. You have that long to get things ready and meet me at docking ring three. That said I Commodore Cyndi Song do hereby promote you to the rank of commodore. Congratulations Mystery, you’ve earned this.” Cyndi stood as did Mystery and adjusted the rank insignia on Mystery’s collar. “I’ll see you in an hour.”

Mystery returned to the ship long enough to pack a few things the rest would be sent to the Zenith. Taking a final look around her quarters, she shouldered her duffel and headed out to meet Commodore Song and head to her new posting.


It’s been a fun and interesting ride but I’m not needed. You’ll do best with an NPC Captain. One who will not step on toes. If you want an actual captain I suggest Lance or Gillespe take the reins. Best of luck to you all. I am also sure Lance knew this was coming as he did relay to me he reads saved posts. Something I don't do or believe in.


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