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Treasure Hunting Part II

Posted on Thu Feb 11th, 2021 @ 10:17am by Commander Jamie O'Connell
Edited on on Mon Feb 15th, 2021 @ 2:59pm

Mission: Resupply and Refit
Location: Star Base 10
Timeline: Current


[Star Base 10]

As Heather and Jamie were leisurely making their way around the Promenade, Jamie looked up and saw an interesting Shop up ahead.

Jamie stopped and turned to Heather “Would like to go in here and have a look around?”

Heather looked up and read the sign on the Shop front....Vintage Music “Yes....I would love to go inside” she said with a big smile. So two of them made their way into the Shop.

While looking around the Shop, Heather noticed a section of Earth's 19th and 20th century music collections. They walked over and she started going through the music while Jamie stood by her side and watched a very excited Heather. Soon she stopped and looked at Jamie “Wow....I can't believe it....a collection by Doc Severinsen....he was a great jazz musician.....and not a bad price either. I just may have to buy this.”

Jamie didn't think that he had ever seen Heather so excited before “Please allow me to buy this for you.....sort of a present....for being so sweet and kind” he said with a smile.

“That sounds familiar.....that's so nice of you....I really appreciate it” Heather responded with a big smile “But the next place is my treat.”

Jamie agreed and made his way over to the cashier to pay for the music. Then he turned and handed Heather the music “Here you go, enjoy Doc” he said not really knowing what his music even sounded like.

“Thank you so will be a nice addition to my collection.....when you come to my Quarters again I'll play it for you....I think you'll enjoy it” she said being very sincere.

“I'd would love to hear your new music sometime....if you say it's good then I'm sure it is” Jamie said with a big smile “Besides I enjoy doing nice things for such a beautiful lady.”

Heather just looked at Jamie for a moment “Jamie O'Connell....your becoming quite the charmer” she said just before she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

They continued on, until they made their way around a corner then Jamie stopped and looked at Heather “We have to go in here and look's a Sweet Shop.

Although she really wasn't sure what exactly a Sweet Shop was she agreed and they went inside. After they looked around a bit he saw something totally cream. Turning to Heather “have you ever had ice cream before” he asked.

“No I haven't....what exactly is ice cream anyway” she asked being rather puzzled over the name.

“ have got to try this. It's something that I used to eat as a child....there's nothing like it. Would you like chocolate or a berry flavor” he asked.

“Not sure....surprise me” she replied.

“Ok” as he turned to the person behind the counter “We would like two chocolate ice creams in waffle cones please.”

Heather paid the person behind the counter then they both had an ice cream. Jamie started to eat his and Heather followed his lead. “So how do you like it” he asked.

“This is really good, but it's cold” she replied as she continued. Suddenly she stopped and was holding her forehead with the other hand “My head.”

Jamie was not surprised “Slow down.....don't eat it so fast....that's what's called brain's a sharp pain in your head when you eat it too fast.

Heather looked at Jamie “Thanks for the warning” she stated.

“I'm sorry I should have warned you ahead of time” he replied feeling a little ashamed.

“That's ok.....but it's really good and I guess I just got a little carried away.” then she started to laugh and so did Jamie.

After the ice cream was consumed they continued on their way holding hands once again. As they were walking along and talking, Heather began to yawn.

“Please excuse me....I guess I'm getting a little tired” she explained.

“That's ok....we can return to the Ship if you'd like” he answered” It has been a long day; we could come back tomorrow if you would like.”

“Yes...maybe we should be going.....I am a little tired after all of this walking.....I guess I'm not used to it.” Heather explained.

“ problem.” as he tapped his Comm “O'Connell to Transporter Room, two to beam up” and instantly they were on the Transporter Pads back on the Independence. They made their way to Heather's quarters with her still yawning.


“Here we are...would you like to come in” she asked.

“Maybe for just a few minutes” he answered “You look like you could use some serious sleep.”

“Ya, your probably right” and they walked into her quarters. She turned and planted a very serious kiss on Jamie which lasted for a few minutes. “Thank you so much for a wonderful time today along with my music and lunch...I really enjoyed spending time with you...brain freeze and all.”

“Your welcome.....I had a great time today too and I always look forward to being with you. Thank you again for the book and ice cream. Would you like to do something tomorrow” he inquired.

“Yes, I'd like that very much.....why don't I get ahold of you in the morning and we can figure something out” Heather suggested.

“That sounds like a plan” he replied and leaned to give her one last kiss.

As Jamie was leaving he had a great idea and made his way to the Transporter Room. “Beam me down to the Promenade” he requested and soon he was back on the Star Base and made his way into the weapon shop to have a chat with the Store Keep.

“Sir, excuse me, I was in earlier today with a very pretty women and she was looking at the Klingon Bat'leth.” Jamie explained.

The Shop Keep turned and looked at Jamie “Yes.....I remember. Your girlfriend is not only very beautiful but also very talented with that weapon, if you don't mind my saying so.”

“No not at all....but she's not....” then Jamie stopped in mid sentence thinking “ that has a nice ring to it.”

“What can I do for you” the Shop Keep asked “Did you wish to purchase it for her.”

“Well...not exactly. I was wondering if you had the specs on the Bat'leth and if so, if I could possibly get a copy...I'd be more than happy to pay for it” Jamie explained.

The Shop Keep thought for a moment “Yes...I believe I have the specs for that” and turned and started looking through his terminal “ we are and you said you would like a copy.” After a few moments he handed Jamie a copy.

“Thank you so much...and what do I owe you for your trouble” he inquired.

The Shop Keep looked at Jamie “There's no charge.....besides I was very impressed with your girlfriend....she wielded the Bat'leth better than most Klingons I've seen.”

“Thanks again....that's was very generous of you and I'll be sure to tell her what you said about her skills.” Jamie replied.

Having accomplished what he had set out to do Jamie returned to the Independence feeling really good about what he had planned for Heather.



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By Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance on Thu Feb 11th, 2021 @ 11:06am

"what he had planned for Heather." Sound ominous....:P