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A Night Out

Posted on Sun Feb 14th, 2021 @ 9:28am by Commander Jamie O'Connell
Edited on on Mon Feb 15th, 2021 @ 3:05pm

Mission: Resupply and Refit
Location: Star Base 10
Timeline: Current


[Heather's Quarters]

Upon ringing the door chime the door slid open and Jamie stepped inside. He wasn't prepared for what he was about to see.

Heather stepped out from her bedroom and Jamie just stood there awestruck for a few moments “Hi Jamie.....don't you look quite dapper” Heather said as she walked up and gave Jamie a kiss.

“Thank you....and I must say that you look absolutely stunning....just when I thought that you could not look any more beautiful you surprise me” Jamie replied as he was seeing this gorgeous women wearing a sleeveless black dress which sparkled, the top cut low showing just enough cleavage to be very sexy; it was snug on the hip and fell just above the knee with black heels. For the first time Heather had her beautiful long, wavy brown hair down instead of a pony tail and it made her look ravishing “I love your hair that way.”

“Oh...thank're so sweet” she said as she gave him a much more intense kiss.” Shall we go?”

Jamie nodded yes and off they went to the Star Base.

[Star Base]

Heather and Jamie materialized on the Promenade Deck and made their way to the Dining Room that she had mentioned earlier. When they entered they were greeted by the Hostess “Table for two?”

“Yes thank you” Heather answered and they were escorted to their table. Jamie pulled out the chair for Heather to be seated.

“Thank you kind Sir” Heather replied with a wink.

Jamie was seated “Wow....this is a very nice place” he commented.

“Yes it is....I thought that you might like it” she said with a smile.

Soon a Waiter came over with a couple of menus “Here are your menus for this evening” in a very pleasant voice “I'll take your orders shortly”. Turning to Heather “Would you care for something from the Bar while you wait?”

“Yes please” looking at her date “Two glasses of Chateau Picard Rose please” she ordered as Jamie nodded yes.

“Very good; I'll be back with the wine soon and take your orders if you're ready” replied the Waiter and off he went.

Jamie picked up the menu hoping that he could make sense out of it this time and he was pleasantly surprised. As they were both looking over their menus Heather asked “ you know what you want and please order anything you like”

“Yes...I do” he replied “And you?”

Before Heather could answer the Waiter came back with their wine “Would you like to order now?”

“Are you ready to order?” and she gave him a nod “Yes” Jamie answered “But please, ladies first.” as he gestured towards Heather.

“I'll have the Shrimp Scampi with Pasta in an Alfredo sauce please” she replied.

Next the Waiter looked towards Jamie “I'll have the double cut Pork Chop with Roasted Vegetables.”

“Excellent” the Waiter replied “I'll be back with your food shortly” with that he turned and left.

Jamie reached across the table taking Heather's hands “So did you get some sleep gorgeous” he asked.

“Yes...I did....thank you for asking” she replied “I probably shouldn't even be asking this...but just for my own you really think that I'm gorgeous?”

Jamie was a little taken back by her query but figured he would indulge her anyway “Yes I certainly are the most gorgeous women that I have ever had the good fortune to know. Your beauty is mind boggling, to say the least. I thought you would have known my sincerity by now.”

Heather hesitated for a moment “I do....I guess I just wanted to hear conformation of it from your own lips....I'm just not used to all these wonderful compliments....although I'm getting rather used to hearing them” she said with a smile.

“Good....there are plenty more where they came from” as Jamie kissed her hand.

Soon the Waiter returned with their food and placed it before each of them “If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask” then he turned and left.

They began eating their meal while enjoying each other's company along with pleasant conversation. After some time had passed their meal was finished and the Waiter came over “Would you care for some dessert” he asked. Jamie and Heather looked at each other and shook their heads no so the Waiter promptly gave them the check and Heather grabbed it.

“I'm taking you out for Dinner...remember” Heather stated.

Jamie just nodded yes. Meanwhile the Waiter brought each of them another glass of wine and gathered the payment for the meal from Heather. They sat and talked for a little while until Heather heard music starting to play and saw the dance floor with people starting to gather on it nearby.

Looking at Jamie “Do you know how to dance” she asked.

“Yes I's been a few years....but I think I can still hold my own” Jamie replied “Do you feel adventurous?” as he stood up and went over to Heather's chair and moved it out for her; taking her by the hand he led her onto the dance floor.

Once on the dance floor Jamie happily took Heather in his arms and they began to dance to the music. He was thinking how nice this was and how right it felt. After a few minutes Heather looked at Jamie “Hold your own is an understatement” she mused “You are a wonderful dancer.”

“Thank you …'re pretty light on your feet yourself” Jamie replied. Then they continued dancing, with Heather's head against the side of his face, until the music stopped playing and they returned to their table.

After they were seated Jamie took Heather's hands while looking into those beautiful blue eyes “ I was wondering....that is.....if you would like to see each other exclusively....I mean to say only see each other and no one else” Jamie explained being very nervous about the answer.

Heather just looked at Jamie for a few moments being very pleased “ There is nothing that would make me happier than seeing only you; although I really didn't think of doing otherwise” She replied being very happy.

“That's wonderful.....there is no other women that I would rather be with than you.....I guess I just wanted to have it said” Jamie replied being elated over the idea that he now knew for sure.

After one last glass of wine “Would you like to back to my Quarters for a little while” Heather asked hoping the answer would be yes.

“I'd love to” Jamie answered with a smile. So the two left hand in hand to go back to Heather's Quarters.


After they entered Heather's place, she turned “Not to sound like a cliché.....but I would really like to slip into something a little more comfortable....if you don't mind.”

“No I don't mind at all...matter of fact I think it's time to loose this tie and coat if that's ok” Jamie replied.

“No that's fine and please make yourself comfortable on the couch...I'll be back in a minute” Heather said.

Jamie proceeded to make himself quite comfortable on the couch and was thinking what would happen next or at the very least what should happen. As he was pondering those thoughts Heather returned and sat next to him on the couch.

“Would you like some wine” she asked.

“No... I'll pass...I think I've had enough wine for one day...but you go ahead if you want” he responded.

“No..... I think I'm fine. Computer play some soft smooth jazz music” was her request. The music soon filled the room.

Looking at Jamie “I had such a wonderful time tonight, thank you; you are such a gentleman and just a pleasure to be with.” Heather said being very sincere “ I find myself.......starting to have feelings for you.”

Jamie had a big smile on his face “I feel the same way towards you as's something that I was hoping would happen” and with that Jamie leaned in and gave Heather a very serious kiss which lasted for several minutes.

After the kiss Heather just smiled at Jamie and cuddled up next to him resting her head on his shoulder.

It suddenly became very quiet and Jamie looked at Heather only to find that she was fast asleep on his shoulder. He just smiled and was very content with the present situation.

After awhile Jamie realized that it was getting quite late so he carefully moved so as not to wake Heather but that didn't work, as she woke up.

“Did I fall asleep” she asked “I'm so sorry....I didn't mean to do that” sounding a little embarrassed.

“That's ok....if you feel that comfortable around me..then that's a good thing” he replied “Besides it's getting late and I should be going anyway.”

As they got up off the couch Heather proceeded to give Jamie a very tender kiss “Thank you again for such a wonderful evening. See you tomorrow?”

“Your welcome...I had a wonderful time too....and yes I'll get ahold of you in the morning but not too early, then we can figure something out” he responded” as Jamie gave this beautiful creature one last kiss before leaving.

As Heather was getting ready for bed she couldn't help but recall the events of the evening and what had been said. Thinking to herself “He certainly is such a wonderful and caring guy....I am such a lucky girl” which made her very, very happy.



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