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Oil and Water

Posted on Fri Mar 5th, 2021 @ 3:46pm by Lieutenant Kevin Lance
Edited on on Sat Mar 6th, 2021 @ 9:16am

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: USS Independence
Timeline: Current

Captain Min-Joon Kim, Star Fleet Marine Corps, terminated the communication connection with the Captain after reporting his detachment’s readiness with a sense of dissatisfaction. Not at the prospect of needing to secure a diplomatic site on a third planet. The Marine Corps was the power projection force in places that Star Fleet was too fastidious to get directly involved in. Min-Joon’s dissatisfaction arose from the implication his Marines would be required to stand guard on the Independence herself, something that Lieutenant junior grade Lance’s security division was responsible for. The thought of having to take instructions from a popinjay junior naval officer was irksome to Min-Joon.

The commander of the Marine detachment aboard Independence had little use for Star Fleet’s officers and was thankful that the current and previous Captains had mostly ignored the Marines. It was an unspoken rule that the Fleet and Corps never mixed if at all possible, a rule that Min-Joon enforced with rigor. During wartime, the entirety of Deck Nine was Marine Country but with his reduced detachment of 57 Marines, they took up only half that space with the rest converted for use as laboratories and a crew lounge. Fleet personnel stayed out of Marine Country with the rare exception of maintenance personnel needed to repair a ship’s system that was beyond the skill of the Marines.

Min-Joon was not liked by his Marines. He was a harsh taskmaster, insisting on intense training drills and exercises. During one particularly hard day of training, one of the junior Marines called him “Captain Martin”. It was a curious turn of phrase and it took a bit of coercion to get the senior non-com to admit that Martin was short for martinet. Corporal punishment was forbidden by Star Fleet regulations but the unguarded comment resulted in a week of extra fatigue duty for the Marines.

Most Marines looked at service on a starship detachment as a vacation, a time to get soft but not Min-Joon. He looked forward to the day that he was reassigned to a proper, planet-based Marine unit and he invested the time that he had to ensure that his Marines were fit and trained. Now it appeared that this training might pay-off provided that they were permitted off the ship to do what they did best.


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