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Where To Meet

Posted on Fri Mar 12th, 2021 @ 11:17am by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Kevin Lance

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current



Jamie turned to Mystery "Well, after the remarks that Commander Zot just made; maybe Lt.Lance, you, and I should sort out where the peace talks are going to take place." he commented "At least then we'll know where to put our resources."

Mystery nodded "Very good idea, we'll move this to my ready room. Lieutenant Lance please join us in my ready room. Lieutenant Balarog you have the bridge." Mystery led the way to her ready room and waited for the others to join her.

Jamie followed the Captain to her ready room while waiting for Lieutenant Lance.

Lieutenant Lance entered the Captain's Ready Room and stood at-ease to the First Officer's left, facing the Captain.

"Gentlemen please have a seat," Mystery said taking a seat as well "We seem to have a dilemma on where to meet."

Jamie decided to start the conversation "Unfortunately after the reaction from Commander Zot of the Astran Pride, it would appear that the location for the meeting is simple; we should probably have the meeting on Hercloid, the neutral planet. She reminds me of a species on Earth called Felines which are a small animal that many people make pets out of. When they are in an enclosed space they can become very nasty creatures. If these people have those tendencies, which they appear to have, then at our size....let's just say I wouldn't want to get on their bad side" he explained.

"Commander Gillespie has a pet cat," Kevin commented, "perhaps he could give us some insight on the feline psychology. The Astrans, however, may have more in common with Earth's wild felines than those domesticated by humans."

"If that's true Lieutenant, then we may have a bigger problem than I initially realized. If I recall correctly Earth's wild cats can not only be vicious but they are excellent hunters as well. That may very well explain why the Triangular people are having such a difficult time on their Planet" Jamie concluded.

"I had a conversation with Ambassador Keelflex who I believe to be the head of Planet Triangular and he requested help. I have been in touch with the marine commander and he's going to send down a scout party just for a look around. As for cats I know from personal experience how nasty some can be. Some breeds are highly aggressive and most house cats are very docile," Mystery commented "Perhaps this nutral planet is better suited for holding the talks on."

"I agree Captain, I think that's the best course of action. Might I also mention that perhaps we should strongly suggest that both Planets withdraw their respective fighting forces back to their home Planets before we start the peace talks" Jamie replied.

Mystery nodded "I'll contact Ambassador Keelflex and suggest it. I hope both sides agree to it. And they need to withdraw their ships back to their home planets as well. I think for the time being we need to go to yellow alert,"

Jamie looked over at Lance then nodded in agreement with what the Captain had just said.

"Have you decided where to hold the peace talks, Ma'am?" Kevin asked the Captain

"Planet Hercloid was suggested by the commander of Planet Astra," Mystery said "We'll need to make sure they are okay with it as well."

"Do we trust the Astran commander?" Kevin wondered aloud.

"At this point, I think it's fair to say, we can't trust either side at their word. We really won't have any idea of what's actually going on until we get more reliable intel" Jamie commented.

"And is this third planet actually willing to hold the talks or is that a ruse to get there," Mystery said "I have one side begging for help and okay with the talks being held aboard the ship where we can control things and the other side demanding not to be held here but on a third planet."

After Mystery's last comment the room went silent for a few minutes. Jamie sat thinking of how they could accommodate both parties and still have control over the situation; then an idea popped into his head "Captain, if I may, there may a way to give the people of Triangular the safety of our Ship and the Astrans wide open spaces. What if we took one of the Cargo Bays and set it up as an official meeting place; it's more than big enough to afford the Astrans the open area that they require. We could also setup temporary Quarters for them there. The people from Triangular could stay in the Guest Quarters which are several decks above the Cargo Bays. That way they would be far enough apart to avoid an incidence. Of course the Marines would have to police those areas to ensure nothing goes wrong" Jamie explained.

"I like that idea, and if I know my ship as well as I think I do, doesn't one of the cargo bays back up to another one and have a way that the separating wall can be raised making it even bigger," Mystery commented

"Yes, actually the separating wall can be pushed back into the other Cargo Bay part way; that would make the area enormous and still leave plenty of room for temporary Quarters for the Astrans. Now all we have to do is to get both parties to agree to it and we've overcome the first hurdle" Jamie replied.

Kevin made a notation on his PADD about reconfiguring cargo bay 12 to support the conference arrangements. He had to suppress a smile. The Operations department had only recently gotten the cargo bays reorganized after hosting the Odinskus during the last mission. Having to clear the cargo bay out...again...wouldn't go over very well. Still, orders were orders.

"How long will it take to make the necessary room in the cargo bay? We'll also have to get one of the delegates from both parties to come aboard the ship and look at the cargo bay and get them to agree to meet aboard ship," Mystery said

"Lieutenant Brooks could give a more accurate estimate," Kevin replied, "but based on how long it took to prep for the ambassador's welcome ceremony last month...about six hours.

"Make is so, we'll contact the the planets involved and have delegates come aboard to look at the cargo bay. I'll get with the quarter master and have quarters set up," Mystery said.



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