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Reporting In

Posted on Thu Mar 11th, 2021 @ 8:56pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Kevin Lance

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


Captain Kim considered the report that Sergeant Hunt, standing at parade-rest in front of the Captain's desk, had just given. With his fingers steepled and his face devoid of emotion, he asked, "The coordinates that the Triangluarian ambassador gave the Captain were an ambush site?"

Thinking about what he had seen "If it was Captain, then it was long over with by the time we arrived. We didn't encounter any resistance of any kind" Sarge replied "Although we were in stealth mode with not a single word spoken the entire time."

"The Astrans did not appear to be using any sort of ranged weapon?" Min-Joon asked.

"No....from what I observed it was only brutal hand to hand combat. The problem was that any phaser fire had little to no effect on the Felines" Sarge explained "From the dead bodies that we encountered they all hand one thing in common....they had what looked like claw marks on their bodies."

"You say that phasers appeared to have no effect on the Astrans," Min-Joon said, "Did you engage the Astrans or is this conclusion based on your observations?"

"Largely based on my observations; with respect, I figured phaser fire is phaser fire and it didn't seem to slow the Astrans any. They didn't even seem to flinch when hit; they may have some sort of body shields which protects them." Hunt answered.

Min-Joon's face didn't betray any emotion, "How do you know it was phasers fire? Did you examine the Triangularian weapons?"

"Yes, a couple of the fallen men still had their phasers in their hands; it was a different style but it definitely was a phaser. Hunt replied "I checked and they were set to kill."

"Did you bring any of the Triangularian 'phasers' back?"

"No I didn't, I didn't think that is was needed. With respect, I still don't think that the phasers are the issue here; I still contend that the Felines have some kind of body shields because at the very least the phasers should have slowed them down and it did not" Sarge reiterated.

"Without one of the weapons used in the attack," Min-Joon pointed out to the Sergeant, "we have only your report that an energy weapon that looked like a phaser was defeated by some unknown method employed by the Astrans. Tell me, did you take any readings on the energy weapons or are your eyes calibrated to measure energy output? Did you investigate or secure anything from the Astrans that could account for protecting them from an energy weapon?"

Hunt reached into his uniform pocket and grabbed an item which he placed in front of Kim "Captain there is the data from the tricorder of the energy output from the Astrans as they were fighting; the data hasn't been analyzed yet" Hunt commented "There is one thing that does not add up; the Astrans were being led, or directed, by a Humanoid. He was neither from Triangular or Astran. Something tells me that his presences was profit driven and not part of the dispute between the two cultures. It looks like we have a third player in the mix." Sarge explained trying not to show any emotion of how he was feeling about being grilled; although that was the Captains way.

Min-Joon took the recording device and made a mental note to upload the data to the science department.  His placid expression notwithstanding, he was concerned about the Sergeant’s report that the Astrans appeared able to resist energy weapons.  Personal shield generators were impractical.  The size and weigh of emitters and a power source to generate a constant field would be too great for an individual to carry.  Many possibilities ran through his mind but without analyzing the Astrans’ equipment it was all speculation.  Analysis of the weapons’ output would at least let him know how much energy the Astrans were absorbing.

Min-Joon returned his attention to Sergeant Hunt.  “Have you become clairvoyant? Is the humanoid a Ferengi and you forgot to mention that?  Did the humanoid tell you that that its motive is profit?  Profit is not the only reason a third party might be involved.”

The Sarge stood there being very careful of the words that he was about to put forth "No to all your questions Captain. By Humanoid I meant that he looked like you or I. Something is not right there; whatever the reason that he was leading the Astrans, one thing seems apparent.....he wasn't in it for the cause by the way he was advancing the forces and profit is one-hell-of-a-motivator" Hunt reasoned "That's my Marine opinion and I've been in a lot of ground fire fights over the years. With respect, after awhile you tend to get a 'gut feeling' about things and I've have come to trust my gut which has kept me alive so far!"

Min-Joon’s eyes narrowed and the corners of his mouth turned down in disgust, “When did your gut become a Marine Corps standard?  The purpose of a reconnaissance mission is to gather information, not opinion, that is interpreted by others with greater qualifications.  And why did you break contact with the Astrans?”

By this time Sarge was starting to get a little irritated....but figured he'd better keep his cool "First of all I didn't break contact with the Astrans because I never made contact with them. I gathered what information that seemed relevant and could be gathered without throwing my Squad into a suicide mission because who knows what it's going to take to stop them" Hunt replied "If you want we can go back down there and clean house but be damn sure we'll be 'loaded for bear' before I send my men to their deaths."

"You never engaged the Astrans," Min-Joon emphasized the word engaged, "and you should have kept them under observation and reported back to me. But instead of maintaining contact and gathering more information on the Astrans and the humanoid, you turned tail and ran. So much for the vaunted 'Hellfire' squad." He turn to the computer to upload the sensor data from Sergeant Hunt. Without looking away from his task, Min-Joon added, "Consider yourself on report for dereliction of duty. You are dismissed."

Sarge couldn't believe what he was hearing....he simply turned and left the Captains office thinking "Dereliction of duty my ass!!"




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