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Posted on Fri Mar 12th, 2021 @ 10:18pm by Commander Charles Gillespie VII

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: CSO's Office
Timeline: Current


Chuck looked at his PADD and his terminal, trying to make sense of what he was seeing. Astrophysics and Stellar Cartography had completed their reports on the system's star. It was just barely a type F star, an F8V to be precise, but almost a G0V star. That may be the reason for the ionization field. The Physics department was working on a hypothesis the field wasn't ionizing radiation, but a radiation scattering field on harmonics of the base frequency of the sensors. They felt that was why the field couldn't be penetrated and that it might be possible to retune the sensors. Progress.

Another report from Astrophysics had the structure of the overall system. 8 planets. Astra was the second planet, Triangular the third, and Hercloid the fourth. The outer planets were gas giants and not inhabited. The first planet was assumed to be there, based on Kepler's Law, but it should be well inside the ionization field. If the planet did exist, capital ships could be tended there unobserved.

The Sociology department, finally, had something to do. They were examining the known societies on Astra and Triangular: history, trade, industrial level, science level, and social structure. First contact was about 70 years ago, so they had a baseline to work from.

Xenobiology was working up profiles on the indigent races. There was no analog for Triangular other than Terran Canines. Astra, however... Kzinti, Caitian... They would be fierce in hand-to-hand combat. The Science departments needed to work up their specific biosign patterns in order to identify locations and concentrations. The same went for the Triangular. Life Sciences and Feyd needed to be involved.

Last report - the Marine data. The energy output of the Triangular weapons was less than a standard hand phaser. Regardless, it should have effected the Astrans, but they didn't. Capt. Kim would be pleased to know his men weren't outgunned. They could very well be outclassed, though.

Chuck leaned back in his chair, thought for a moment, and tapped his comm badge. "Gillespie to Devroe."

A female disembodied voice answered, "Devroe, sir."

"Ensign, check the sensor logs to see if we were monitoring the land battle."

"Aye, sir. Stand by."



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