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An Offer

Posted on Sat Mar 13th, 2021 @ 8:56pm by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current


Mystery walked from her ready room, walked to stand behind the helm and navigation officers, “Communications hail Ambassador Keelflex,”

“You’re on captain,” communications said a few seconds later

The ambassador’s image came up “Captain what can I do for you?” Keelflex asked

“Ambassador after discussing things with my first officer and my chief of security we’ve decided the talks need to be held aboard the ship,” Mystery said

“But the Astorans won’t agree to it, they’re vicious things,” Keelflex responded “Why on your ship?”

“I’m prepared to beam you aboard so I can show you where the talks will be held and I’m having guest quarters prepared for you and some of your delegates. On the ship I can control things.”

“But what about the neutral planet that has agreed to hold the talks,” Keelflex asked

“That may still be an option but I prefer them to be held where I can control things and I can control things on the ship. Moving them to a neutral planet will mean security and the marines will be deployed to keep the meeting place save,” Mystery responded “Let me have you beamed aboard and I can show you where the talks will be held and the guest quarters where you’ll be staying.”

“I’ll think about it as those Astorans are dangerous and I don’t want to be food. I’ll contact you with my answer. But know this, they come aboard your ship all of you will be food.” With that the call ended

“Well that went well,” Mystery said tapping her com-badge “Quarter master this is the captain. I need at least ten guest quarters set up on two different decks. Contact me once you have them set up and ready. “



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