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The Answer

Posted on Mon Mar 15th, 2021 @ 4:43pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell
Edited on on Mon Mar 15th, 2021 @ 4:56pm

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current



Commander O'Connell had just returned to the Bridge and was about to take his seat when a call came in for him.

"Commander O'Connell the Astran Commander wishes to speak with you" Comm reported.

Jamie assumed his position behind Helm "On screen" was the order. Instantly Commander Zot appeared on the screen.

"Good afternoon Commander, how are you today" Zot inquired "Against the advice from my Advisors, I've decided to due you the courtesy of at least taking a look at your proposed meeting area."

"I'm doing well thank you" Jamie replied " I'm glad you decided to at least have a look and hear me out concerning our proposal. When would you like to beam over then."

"Give me about ten minutes and I'll signal your Ship when I'm ready" Zot replied.

"Wonderful, I'm looking forward to it. By the way I will instruct the Transporter Room to beam you directly to the meeting area." Jamie responded "I'll see you in a few minutes then. O'Connell out."

Tapping his Comm "Transporter Room One this is Commander O'Connell. When Commander Zot from Astra signals you for beam over it's imperative that you beam her directly to Cargo Bay 12 understood" O'Connell instructed.

"Yes Commander understood; we'll make it happen" came the reply.

"Excellent" Jamie responded then left the Bridge to make his way to Cargo Bay 12.

[Cargo Bay 12]

Jamie arrived in the Cargo Bay and it looked like most everything was all set up including temporary Quarters. After a few minutes he noticed that someone was beaming aboard. He waited until Commander Zot, and what looked an armed guard, completely materialized and had their bearings before he cautiously made his way over to them.

As Jamie made his way closer he announced himself "Hello, Commander Zot I'm Commander O' nice to make your acquaintance." Jamie saw a tall, slender feline looking person tail and all. She was wearing a military uniform with an abundance of metals pinned to her chest. Also he noticed a big male feline who was armed to the teeth.

"Commander O'Connell so nice to finally meet you face to face. Allow me introduce my body guard Lieutenant Norse" Zot replied as she held out her hand, well paw, as Jamie shook hands with her. Jamie stepped closer to escort the Commander when her body guard jumped in between them. "At ease Lieutenant" Zot ordered "I don't think the Commander means me any harm."

"No....I most certainly do not....if would be so kind as to come this way I'll show you around" Jamie said. So the two of them walked around the enormous Cargo Bay with her Lieutenant in tow. After Jamie explained everything to her, along with showing her the Quarters "So.....what you you think of the accommodations for the meeting" he asked.

"I impressed the Federation certainly has outdone themselves in this regard" Zot commented "My only question.....where did you say that those Filthy Beasts were going to stay?"

Jamie wondered why she kept calling them that name "The people from Triangular will be staying several decks above us and we will have Marines guarding all concerned areas for your safety while your aboard our Ship" he replied.

"That will certainly make myself and my escorts rest much easier. Hopefully that will be enough to insure that the talks would go smoothly" Zot commented.

After a few moments "So....Commander Zot is that a yes" Jamie inquired.

"Yes Commander, I think that this will do nicely as long as things are kept in order" Zot countered.

"My Crew will do their best to make sure that happens. I will contact you when we have everything setup. Oh yes one more thing.....we would like both Planets to withdraw their forces back to their own Planets before the talks proceed" Jamie stated.

Commander Zot looked at Jamie with a puzzled look "We don't currently have any of our forces on Triangular to withdraw" she replied.

Jamie didn't want to offend her in any way "Of course you don't.....please forgive mistake. He said not being really sure if he wanted to believe her or not.

"So are you ready to return to Astra" he asked "It was a pleasure meeting you, I look forward to the peace talks."

"Yes we're ready" Zot replied "And it was nice meeting you also Commander."

Tapping his Comm "This is Commander O"Connell, two to beam back to Astra."

"Right away Commander" came the reply then the two Astrans were gone from the Cargo Bay.

O'Connell started back "Wow, I better let the Captain know about this conversation" then he made his way back to the Bridge.



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