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Operation Certare Usque Ad Mortem

Posted on Mon Mar 15th, 2021 @ 9:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


Lord Tyveris rose from his desk as General Tow entered his chambers. “Greetings General, what news from the front?”

Tow grimaced. “I’m afraid you were right about the Federation sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong, Lord. The peace talks will be held on the USS Independence. It looks like all your planning has come to naught.”

A small part of the General was relieved that peace talks could resume, that there was a chance the Triangulans and Astrans could live together harmoniously. While he was a man of war at heart, he fought, on some level, for peace.

Lord Tyveris grinned. “You know General, there is an ancient Terran proverb, by a Saint Thomas Aquinas. He said ‘Beware the man of one book.’ Well I, my good man, have a library.”

He tapped a button on his desk and spoke to the screen. “Activate the asset.”

[[USS Independence]]

A shadow detached itself from the wall of a jeffries tube somewhere above engineering and tapped a button on his wrist communicator.

He acknowledged the encrypted message and moved toward his target several decks below. Keeping out of the corridors, he met no resistance, his sensor camouflage operating as expected. Arriving at this destination, he placed the charges and retreated to the predetermined coordinates.

Carefully, he dropped from the ceiling and melted into the shadows, ensuring the proverbial coast was clear. He accessed an LCARS panel and sent the package to the Security Chief, and elaborate trail of evidence that implicated the Astran ambassador’s office, along with a statement about peace being a mistake, and that the Astrans would fight to the death. The stalwart Triangulans would never trust the Astrans, and a continued war was all but guaranteed.

Then, he pressed the button and blew the charges.


Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor
Chief Medical Officer
USS Independence


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