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Posted on Thu Mar 18th, 2021 @ 12:17pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Captain Mystery Ellis & Commander Charles Gillespie VII & Lieutenant Kevin Lance

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: Various
Timeline: Current



Commander O'Connell was in the First Officer's Ready Room going over some reports when he heard a muffled sound and the Ship shook. "What the Bloody Hell was that" he said out loud as her heard the automated Red Alert which had been activated. He stood and ran to the Bridge which he noticed was bustling with activity and made his way over to Mystery.

Looking at the Captain "What the Bloody Hell just happened....I felt the Ship shake after hearing a muffled sound" Jamie stated.

"I don't know, it sounded like an explosion and felt like one too," Mystery said, tapping her com-badge "Engineering what just happened! Tactical have we been fired on! Give me some answers people!"

"There are no spacecraft within weapons range," Lieutenant Lance reported from the Tactical Console, "Tactical plots show no contacts and no unexplained energy emissions. No reports of hull breach. Epicenter of the blast came is located in the aft hull deck 7 port side."

T'Sol tapped his Comm "Captain this Ensign T'Sol, then he began to explain "From my readings in Engineering, there has been an explosion a few decks up from us. The Warp Engine is currently offline and I could really use Commander O'Connell's help getting the Warp Core back online if that's possible."

On hearing T'Sol, Jamie looked at Mystery waiting for her orders.

"Go commander," Mystery said "Find out were that explosion was and seal it off. Give me damage reports."

"Aye Captain, as soon as I find out anything I'll let you know" Jamie replied then he left the Bridge tapping his Comm "Ensign T'Sol this is O'Connell, I'm on my way."


Jamie walked into Engineering and was greeted by T'Sol "Thank you Commander for coming to help me sort this mess out; the extra knowledge and hands will be a big help" he stated.

"That's what I'm here for" Jamie replied "So what have you found."

Then T'Sol started to explain "There appears to have been an explosion in Jefferies Tube Seven B which most likely burned out some of the relays. That would explain why the Warp Engine went offline. I have Ensign Paige and Crewman Decker checking it out now."

"Excellent job Ensign...I knew you were the right choice as my replacement" Jamie replied "Ensign Paige this is O'Connell have you found the problem yet?"

"Yes's just as T'Sol feared, several relays which route power to the Warp Core have been damaged; they will need to be replaced before the Core can be brought back online" Ensign Paige explained.

"Alright you and Decker get those replaced asap; was there any other damage that you can see" Jamie asked.

"No....none that I can see; it would seem that the charges were set to target a specific area...namely the relays." Paige responded.

"Good work Ensign...I'll notify the Captain" O'Connell replied.

Tapping his Comm "Captain this is O'Connell there appears to have been an explosion in Jefferies Tube Seven B which knocked out several relays which powers the Warp Core. That would explain why we felt the concussion from the blast. The engineering team is working to effect repairs now. There doesn't appear to be any structural damage to the Ship. I would like to remain in Engineering until we get the Warp Core back online if that's ok with you."

"Permission granted and keep me apprised of things. That Jefferies Tube how close it is to the cargo bay that has been set up for the talks between those two worlds?" Mystery asked

"I'm not sure let me check" Jamie replied "Captain it runs right past the meeting area in Cargo Bay 12; that could be a problem."


"Captain," Lieutenant Lance spoke up, "before engineering preforms further repairs, we should secure the blast site and search for evidence." He was concerned about contaminating the scene of the crime. The intrusion of the engineering team was unavoidable but the more personnel in the area, the lower the chance of figuring out who had placed the charges and why.

"Shut down the transporters and the shuttle bays, who ever did this could still be aboard the ship. We can't rule out even a member of the crew. Seal off all the cargo bays. Only access to them will be security until their investigation is over. Lieutenant Lance get teams down there. See what or who is responsible for this attack, helm back us away from transporter range until further notice," Mystery ordered


Tapping her Comm: Ensign T'Sol this Ensign Paige, we've completed repairs on the relays; you should have power to the Warp Core."

T'Sol walked over to the Engineering Computer "Yes Ensign we now have power, You and Decker return to Engineering" he instructed.

"On our way T'Sol, Paige out."

T'Sol turned to Jamie "Shall I initiate a 'cold startup'" he asked.

Jamie looked at T'Sol " would seem like the logical choice" he said with a snicker.

T'Sol raising that one Vulcan eyebrow "Indeed Commander."

Soon the cold start was initiated as T'Sol was checking the Computer for any hidden problems; then the Warp Core came to life and seemed to be operating perfectly. He ran a few diagnostics and was satisfied with the results.

Turning to the Commander "Thank you for your help in this you would say it's much appreciated" T'Sol stated.

"Your welcome T'Sol....and careful almost sounded Human for a moment" Jamie responded as he noticed T'Sol raising that one Vulcan eyebrow once again.

Tapping his Comm "Captain this is O'Connell the Warp Core is back up and running. I'm on my way back to the Bridge."


"Retrieving internal sensors logs from the Jeffries tube are," Chuck stated. Well, he thought to himself, what doesn't belong.

O'Connell walked off the Lift and back to his seat thinking "Ok...that was fun; hopefully no more surprises today."

As he sat down he commented to the Captain "Engineering's all set; at least for now."

"Ive ordered us backed away from the planet out of transporter range and sealed off that deck, shut down the shuttle bays and transporter rooms. Who ever planted that bomb knew this ship. Leads me to think it's an inside job, one of the guests from Astra or someone piggybacked on the transporter when the Astrains were beamed aboard," Mystery said "We're lucky this didn't cause hull breaches."

"I agree with you, any hull breaches would have ended our mission real quick. One things for sure either it was an inside job or else someone had a ship's schematic and knew exactly where to plant the charges. According to Ensign Paige the explosion was for one purpose only and that was to disable the Warp Engine; which thankfully they were unable to do. I was in Cargo Bay 12 the other day and the Astrans were beamed directly from Astra to the Cargo Bay and they materialized in front of me. There was only Commander Zot and her bodyguard. If there was anyone else then they must have had some sort of personal cloaking device to remain undetected" Jamie replied.

"There are some things that just don't add up. The other day when I informed Zot about removing their forces from Triangular before the peace talks, she informed me that none of her forces were on that planet; as I mentioned to you previously. Now either she's lying, which i really don't think she is because she seemed genuinely excited about the peace talks, or I wonder if there's a third faction involved that we don't know about; sort of behind the scenes if you will. That certainly would explain a lot" Jamie concluded.

"It's damn peculiar that's for sure," Mystery replied turning to Chuck "Send probes to both Triangular and Astra, run detailed scans and see if your picking up any other faction that the Triangular and Astra on either planet same with space. Scan for cloaked ships. Lieutenant Lance make sure when you investigate the jefferies tube and the cargo bay you collect DNA so that can be analyzed . Something is not adding up. We were lucky.....this time."

Kevin turned the Tactical Console over to the Assistant Chief Tactical Officer and departed the Bridge to investigate the explosion.

Jamie sat thinking on what the Captain had just said when his Comm Badge chirped "This is Commander O'Connell go ahead."

"Commander this is Ensign T'Sol I just noticed that a LCARS panel outside of Engineering has some sort of black residue on the keypad; it's nothing like I've ever seen before" T'Sol stated.

Jamie glanced over at Mystery "T'Sol have you touched the panel at all" he asked.

"No Commander I called you instead" he answered.

"Good...don't touch it and stay by it to make sure no one else touches it either. I'm sending someone down to take a sample" Jamie instructed.

"As you wish Commander" came the reply.

"Commander O'Connell to Ensign Devroe" Jamie said.

"This is Devroe, go ahead Commander" she replied.

"Ensign go to Engineering with a DNA kit. T'Sol is standing by a LCARS panel which seems to have a black residue on the keypad. Take a sample and analyze it and let me know as soon as you have something" Jamie instructed.

"As you wish Commander, Devroe out" Heather said.



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