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CSI: Independence

Posted on Thu Mar 18th, 2021 @ 12:20pm by Lieutenant Kevin Lance

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current

Lieutenant Lance approached Jefferies Tube Seven B on the port side of deck 7. His security team had the area secure and had set-up the array of sensor equipment that he ordered. Ensign Paige and Crewman Decker, the damage control team, were finishing up their repairs of the relays to allow the warp reactor to be restarted. Next to the sensor equipment, already bagged up, were fragments of metal, wiring and electronic components that Kevin assumed were damaged in the explosion. Engineering would analyze the debris to determine the type of device that had been detonated.

Acknowledging the greeting of the security team leader, Kevin proceeded to activate the sensor equipment. The device would conduct multiple scans of physical, biological, chemical, molecular, and radiation environments which would be compared against the standard profile of the Jefferies tube in the ship’s computer. Differences between the standard profile and the current scans that he planned on conducting would warrant closer investigation.

The engineer completed his repairs and the team departed the Jefferies tube. Their presence would have contaminated the scene and Kevin would have to program the sensors to ignore the biological evidence that they had left behind. While the scan was running, Kevin examined the debris created by the explosion. There was less of if than he had expected. Either the bomb’s explosive yield was smaller than anticipated or the blast had been expertly directed to pinpoint the relays while minimizing collateral damage. While Kevin was considering the implication of this evidence, the computer completed its scan.

Following the areas in the Jefferies tube that the computer had highlight, Kevin and his team began bagging, tagging, and recording anything that the computer identified as out of place. It took about half an hour but the team collected a sizable stack of evidence. Most interesting, in Kevin’s opinion, was a tuff of hair that had gotten caught in an access hatch’s actuator, an officer’s rank pip singed in the blast, and a small triangular swatch of EMP dampening fabric barely larger than his thumb frayed on the long edge like it had been torn off. There was also a mess of biological evidence that would need further analysis to separate out. Some would belong to the damage control team but Kevin was confident that the DNA of the person who had planted the bomb was in there as well.

Satisfied that all the evidence had been collected and sent to the appropriate departments for analysis, Kevin ordered the security team to pack up the sensor equipment. Walking back towards the turbolift to return to the Bridge, he noticed a message for him on his PADD. He opened the file and a wealth of data poured onto his PADD detailing the nature of the explosive, the motivations of the alleged bomber, official correspondence from the Astran ambassador, and plans for future operations against the Triangularians and Independence. As he scrolled through the information, Kevin was reminded of a quote attributed to a Cardassian tailor on Deep Space Nine, “I believe in coincidence. Coincidences happen all the time. I just don’t trust coincidences.”


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