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Let the science lead

Posted on Sat Mar 27th, 2021 @ 10:28pm by Commander Charles Gillespie VII & Commander Jamie O'Connell & Ensign Heather Devroe

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: CSO's Office
Timeline: Current

Chuck entered his office, baggie in hand, and called out. "Ensign, could you join me for a moment, please?"

Devroe stopped what she was doing and made her way over to Gillespie "What's up Commander" she asked.

Chuck gestured to the chair opposite his desk. "Please have a seat, Ensign."

As she sat, Chuck shifted uncomfortably in his chair. "First, I've been meaning to mention this since being moved to Science, but the situation requires it. Your personal life is filed under 'none of my business.' However, who you are involved with in your personal life makes things tricky. Normally, I would go to the First Officer with disciplinary issues. If I observe issues with your discipline because of your current relationship, I would have to go to the Captain."

Chuck paused for a moment and continued. "There was a recent incident that was not your fault, but it has been circulating in Rumor Control. This is bad for good order and discipline. I've talked with Commander O'Connell about it. Again, this was not your fault and it was minor.

"You are a good officer and an excellent scientist. This is the only conversation on the subject I wish to have. Understood?"

Heather looked at the Commander for a moment "Yes understood."

"Second, the task at hand. What do you make of the physical evidence?"

"Well Sir.....the fur looking material is exactly that...fur. I ran it threw the Spectrometer and the properties are consistent with that of Felines; a further chemical analysis confirms the data. Also the black material is made from a synthetic material with a biologic overlay which enables the wearer to blend in with it's surroundings; almost like an invisible cloak. Lastly I ran a DNA test on the pip that was found and ran the results through the Federation Database and did not find any matches. Whoever handled the pip was not a member of Starfleet" Heather replied hoping that she was not too long winded.

Chuck leaned in a bit. "So, to confirm, the fur is definitely Astran, not any other species of feline. Correct?"

Heather thought for a moment "Probably yes, but I can't really say 100% unless I have a sample from an Astran to compare it to; then we'll know for sure" then she thought for several more moments "Although....Commander O'Connell did meet the Astran Commander a few days ago in Cargo Bay twelve. Maybe could find a sample of her fur there to compare to. Also possibly check the Transporter logs; that may provide the data that we would need for a comparison."

Chuck picked up his PADD and tapped in a note to himself. "Okay," he replied, "what do we know about the pip?"

"'s an Officers pip but the DNA that I was able to lift off it definitely doesn't belong to anyone aboard the Independence; I'm not sure who it belongs to" the Ensign replied.

"Is there any DNA on it? Any useful forensic evidence?"

Heather thought for a moment "The only thing that I'm sure of is that the DNA on the pip does not belong to anyone on this it must belong either to an Astran or a third party.

Chuck picked up the EMF fabric. "Oh, I wish we had time to study you." He looked at Heather. "We know this fabric reacts to visible electromagnetic radiation. What about radiation above and below?"

"When I viewed the fabric threw a Stereoscope, then light coming down on top of it was absorbed which made the fabric seem to disappear...even though it was very much still there" Heather explained.

"Did you test beyond infrared and ultraviolet?" Chuck asked.

"Yes I did which made the fabric visible once again; it seems beyond ultraviolet the fabric is no longer able to absorb the light" she answered.

Chuck leaned back in his chair. He brought his index fingers to his lips and interweaved the rest. "This is what we know: there was, and possibly still is, a saboteur on the Independence, race unknown, motive unknown; this saboteur had some pretty impressive tech, consistent with what the Marines reported, that doesn't fit known Astran technology; and, we're being left a trail of breadcrumbs, leading us in a direction.

"My gut says this is a set-up. As Science Officer, speculation is insufficient. We need to provide facts to CAPT Ellis, so she can make decisions. Your professional opinion of the facts as they are?"

Heather thought for several moments "Ok, fact one, after checking the Transporter Logs the fur is definitely Astran but not from the Commander or her body guard; the genetic markers are different. Fact two we know that the pip is not from anyone on this Ship. And fact three...the fabric absorbs the light making it seemingly disappear. So I believe your gut is correct Commander; some Feline came aboard the Ship wearing a suit of this material with an officers pip, they acquired from somewhere or someone, and planted the charges and in the process the suit was torn not only leaving a remnant but also a piece of fur behind. The pip was meant as a diversion to throw us off the trail. That is my professional opinion as the Science would suggest."

Chuck's comm badge chimed. "Lieutenant Lance and Commander Gillespie report to the bridge and check all bridge console to see whoever set the explosives has been on the bridge.”

Chuck stood for Mystery's voice, almost to attention. He tapped his badge. "Acknowledged. On my way, Captain." He addressed Heather on his way out. "The internal sensor logs should have pulled by now. Review them and get with Tactical as soon as you can isolate the saboteur's movements." He stopped in the open door and said, "Good work, Ensign." He smiled his trademark smile, gave her a thumb's up, and the door closed behind him.

Heather sat for a few moments savoring the compliment from the Commander; although she knew that she was a darn good Scientist anyway. Now onto those sensor logs.....


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