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Where Are You

Posted on Sun Mar 28th, 2021 @ 2:32pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Ensign Heather Devroe

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


[CSO's Office]

After her meeting with Commander Gillespie, Heather made her way to Lab 3. This was her favorite Lab since it was small and usually there weren't many people who used it; she had her Science Station setup there. Also this was where the ACSO's office was located which was large enough to work in but small enough to be kind of cozy.

[Lab 3]

When Heather entered the Lab she made her way to her Office and went straight for the replicator and got herself a nice hot cup of coffee then sat down at her desk. After she keyed in her access code into the Terminal she brought up the file which contained the sensor logs that Commander Gillespie had forward to her. She opened the sensor file and began looking for any anomalies starting with Jefferies Tube Seven B since this was where the explosion had occurred.

After more than an hour of looking through the sensor data Heather was unable to find any trace of an intrusion anywhere. Thinking to herself “Ok, where are you” as she finished her coffee. “This is going to be more than a one coffee job I can see that” so with that Heather got up from her desk for a refill.

When Heather sat back down, and was looking at the data, she was trying to figure out why...what she was looking for didn't seem to be there. Then Heather sat back in her chair to think this through. As she was going over her meeting with the Commander it came to her.

“Computer enhance the file beyond ultraviolet” Heather stated.

“File is now enhanced beyond ultraviolet” came the reply.

Heather started going through the data once again and several decks above Engineering, in a Jefferies Tube, she saw something “Computer enhance the view” she stated. Once the view was enhanced “HA! I gotcha you!” Heather said being quite proud of herself.

After she went through some more of the files she found what appeared to be the entry point of the intruder and followed the path to Jefferies Tube Seven B where the intruder slowed down it's movements for a period of time. Then the intruder made it's way to Engineering and exited the Tube, where it then went to a LCARS Panel where it paused for a few minutes. After that it's signature just disappeared; like it had been beamed off the Ship.

Heather studied the file for a few more hours to make sure that her findings were perfect before she said anything to either the Commander or the Tactical Officer; after all her reputation was on the line.

She sat back in her chair while finishing her coffee thinking about her findings: so the intruder beamed aboard the Ship into a Jefferies Tube, since there was no evidence of any other entry point, and made it's way to Jefferies Tube Seven B by the way of the connecting Tubes where the charges were set. Then exited the Tube across from Engineering and stopped at the LCARS Panel, probably to upload a bogus file into the system and also to set off the explosion, then beamed off the Ship. She noted the time stamp just before it's departure, which coincided with the time of the blast “That certainly was a well thought out plan, for sure” Heather was thinking to herself “But not undetectable.”

While she sat for a few moments savoring her accomplishment she thought “I wonder how Jamie's doing through all this” since they had not been able to see each other before all this started.

“Well I guess I had better let Commander Gillespie and Lieutenant Lance know what I've found.



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