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Posted on Mon Apr 5th, 2021 @ 10:57am by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current


Mystery was still puzzled as to who had managed to get on the ship and place explosives and leave undetected, she’d called for security and science to come check the bridge to see if whomever it was had gotten that far. So far there had been no reports. She knew her people were working on the problem but it still had her un-nerved. With treaty talks due to start soon and the talks being held on the ship keeping everyone safe was her top concern.

The reports from the marines who had been to the surface and had seen the carnage of beings, being torn to shreds. While marines were used to carnage no one could have imagined what they’d seen.

Guest quarters had been readied on two different decks for the representatives of the planets and security was working on added security as were the marines. All that was left was going to be the report from security and science to see if the intruder or intruders had managed to get undetected onto the bridge and if they had what had they managed to get a hold of. The food replicators would need programming for the different foods and if a formal dinner were to be held then Jefferson would need to know what kind of cuisine to prepare. A formal dinner would depend on how well the talk went and if the treaty was actually signed.

Tapping her com-badge “Security and science what have you found out? Has the intruder made it to the bridge,” Mystery called



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