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Posted on Fri May 7th, 2021 @ 8:53pm by Lieutenant Kevin Lance & Captain Mystery Ellis & Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: USS Independence
Timeline: Current

"Captain, I am detecting multiple Triangularian ships closing on our position," Lieutenant Lance called out from the Tactical Console.

"Helm break orbit, come about, raise shields, charge weapons," Mystery ordered "Communications open hailing frequencies."

"Hailing frequencies open," the communications officer announced.

"On screen," Mystery ordered getting to her feet and walking closer to the view screen as a image of a man appeared "I'm Captain Mystery Ellis commanding the Federation Starship USS Independence, what is the meaning of the ships approaching me?"

"Federation vessel Independence," replied the Triangularian officer, "your collusion with the Astrans has been made plain to us.  There will be no peace talks.  You will depart this system immediately."

"I'm not leaving until I find out who got on my ship and planted bombs," Mystery said "You and I both have heavily armed ships at our command. Do you really want to get into a fire fight with me? There can be no peace talks until both sides put aside hostility and listen to what they want. My ship has been requested to hold the peace talks."

"Twelve Triangularian ships are in weapons range," Kevin announced, "with another seven closing in our position."

"Depart or we will fire," the Triangularian demanded.

"We came in peace, you fire on me it's an act of war," Mystery said "I'll pull back to a different planet while we contact Astra and Ambassador Keelflex." Looking to tactical and science as she signaled for the channel to be muted "Do we carry enough things we can use for a strafing run? Cripple as many of them as we can."

"Aye, aye, Captain," Kevin had already loaded MITPA torpedoes and the Micro Torpedo Launchers were armed, "The Triangularians are firing."

The crew braced for impact. But it was much less disrupting than Kevin have expected, barely causing a vibration in the deck plating. "Hits from multiple targets, no apparent damage, shields at," Kevin did a double take at the defensive systems monitor, "110 percent."

"Scan those ships, I want to know what type of fire power we're dealing with. The way they talked they were going to be able to destroy us,"Mystery commented "Unless that was a warning. Are we capable of having holo-emitters to make it appear we have more ships and have each of the look differently? Lieutenant Lance keep the MITPA torpedoes ready in case we need them and good work on those torpedoes."

"The Triangularians are continuing to attack," Kevin reported as vibrations from the deck plating intensified and receded, "Shields at 125 present."

"Captain," the communications officer called out, "Marine Squad Gamma is reporting that they are under attack and are requesting transport!"

"Open channel," Mystery ordered "Lieutenant Lance standby to target lead ship, engine only on my order." tapping her com-badge "Transporter room standby to beam the marines aboard."

"Negative, Captain. We can't transport with the shields up," the transporter tech replied.

"Weapons locked!"

"I'm aware of that, standby." Mystery ordered "This is Captain Ellis, stand down your attack, I have personal on the surface that I need to beam aboard. If you do not cease fire I will fire on you."

The only response was the continued vibration from the deck plating.

"Fire," Mystery ordered


Almost a soon as the word was out of tactical officers mouth the ship was rocked by an explosion.

"Return fire, all ships and get me a damage report," Mystery ordered

"Firing," The Independence was rocked by more explosions.

Ensign Devroe turned from her science console to Mystery, "Captain, the Triangularian attacks appear to have done something to our shields stopping a portion of our attacks and reflecting the damage back on ourselves!"

"Minor damage to the ship's outer hull with only one breach," the operations officer reported.

"The lead enemy ship is unable to move, three other ships have sustained damage to their weapon systems," Kevin reported, "The remaining sixteen ships are continuing to fire on us."

"Load photon torpedoes, standby to lower aft shields, helm pivot us toward those ships, tactical as we pivot fire photon torpedoes full spread at the remaining ship, full power to forward shields, transporter room when the aft shields drop beam our people aboard then get those shields back up. Helm pivot us at warp one," Mystery ordered drawing on an old trick from her days in special forces, a ploy that catches attacking ships off guard.

"Torpedoes loaded," This is a bad idea, Kevin thought, didn't the Captain hear Devroe?

"Captain, Marine Squad Gamma is not responding to hails!"

"Do you have a lock on them?" Mystery asked, she also knew her bridge officers were confused by her orders to fire torpedoes "I'm also away of some of the looks that I must be crazy to order to fire torpedoes, pivoting at warp one as we fire the attacking ships won't be able to hit us, I've used this very attack run before trust me it will work."

"Negative lock on the Marines," the transporter tech reported.

"Rotate shield modulation, whatever they're doing to the shields needs to stop, disable the remaining ships, we need to find the marines, prepare to pivot at warp one and when you do fire the torpedoes at the same time. It works and I know you all think I'm nuts," Mystery said "I wasn't special forces for nothing."

"Standing by to pivot," Lieutenant Maida reported from the flight control console.

"Rotating modulation doesn't appear to have any effect," Kevin announced, " Shields at 145%"

"Pivot now, warp one, tactical as she pivots at warp one fire full spread of torpedoes. Helm once the pivot is complete increase speed to warp four, then come about and duck behind the outer planet in the system," Mystery said I'm asking you all to trust this maneuver, I know all about the enemy ships having done something to our shields that's why we need this maneuver so we figure out what caused it. Engage!"

"Maneuvering thrusters engaged," Lieutenant Maida call out as the ship began to pivot, "Standby for warp."

"Torpedoes away," Kevin shouted just before the ship was rocked by a massive explosion.

The crew was thrown back by the force of the explosion. Kevin and several other standing crewmen were knock off their feet. Maida barely kept her seat at the flight control console as she pushed the ship to Warp 4.

The operations officer scrambled back to her console. "Heavy damage to the forward hull with multiple breeches. Deflector and forward sensors are off-line. Life support compromised on decks Seven and Eight."

Kevin ignored the flashing warnings from the weapons display as he monitored the tactical plot. "The enemy are not pursuing," he said with some relief.

"Engineering to Bridge," Ensign T'Sol's voice was heard over the intercom in the Captain's chair.

"Go ahead," Mystery said "Get damage control to those sections. I need to know how badly we're hurt."

"As you wish Captain; I'll get back to you shortly. T'Sol out" came the reply.

"Captain, the additional energy in the shields is overloading the projectors," Kevin interrupted, "If we don't get the energy dissipated soon, the projectors will blow."

Meanwhile T'Sol had determined the amount of damage on Decks 7 & 8 and had force fields initiated as a temporary fix to the damage. "Captain this is T'Sol, I've assessed the damage on Decks 7 & 8 and have concluded that the damage is not too bad. I've had force fields initiated as a temporary fix, however another hit like the last one would not be good" he explained "Is there anything else at this time that I can do for you."

O'Connell heard the Lieutenants warning and was deep in thought, then turning to Mystery "Captain, I think I know a way that we may be able to dissipate the built up energy on the shielding....I should be able to make the needed adjustments from the Engineering Console....with your permission of course" Jamie stated.

"Helm get us behind the outer planet in this system and hold at station keeping once there. T'Sol begin repairs. Jamie make it so. We'll never survive another hit like that," Mystery said "We took damage but it could have been worse, good work everyone."


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