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Mouse Hunt

Posted on Sun May 9th, 2021 @ 5:49pm by Lieutenant Kevin Lance

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: Triangular
Timeline: After the Ambush

The Andorian’s personal communicator buzzed. Annoyed, the Andorian turned away from the communication that he had been preparing to answer the annoyance. “What is it,” he demanded testily.

“You asked to be notified if we detected a burst transmission on subspace band Theta Three,” the voice responded, “We confirmed one transmitting on 30 second intervals approximately 250 meters from our location.”

“So we have a Federation interloper,” the Andorian replied, “Send out the Hunters.”


Petty Officer Bentlex had made good his escape from the Triangularian government building without being detected. In accordance with procedure, he had activated his recall beacon and wandered amongst the Triangularians going about their daily business. The beacon would send a coded message to the Independence every thirty second to alert them that he had competed his objective and was awaiting retrieval. Under normal circumstances, the ship would maneuver close enough to get a lock on him and beam him back without warning, but with the ambush of the Marine squad and the implication that the Independence was in a battle herself, Jastin expected the retrieval to take longer than expected. He would need to find somewhere to stay for the night.

The ambush of the Marine squad had him jumpier and more alert than he otherwise would have been. Had he not, he would have missed the three armed Triangularians who were intently observing the civilians around them while occasionally consulting a hand held device that one of them was carrying. Jastin was as surprised as he was unnerved. He turned and moved away from the three Triangularians wondering how they had found him.

He moved as quickly as he could without being obvious, checking behind himself as he stopped at irregular intervals to pretend to browse the goods being sold in the stalls. The three Triangularians continued to check their device and advanced in Jastin’s direction, stopping occasionally to check a civilian.

Jastin raked his brain. This was the first indication he had that he was being followed. He had been successful in his exfiltration of the government building and had followed all the protocols for checking to see if he had been followed before activating the retrieval beacon. The beacon! His tail had showed up only minutes after he had activated it. They must be using the burst transmissions to hone in on his location.

Jastin moved quickly away from his tail and noticed that after about 30 seconds, they too increase their speed. He counted to sixty and turned off the beacon, then doubled back towards the tail. It took every gram of nerve to keep his cool as they approached but when he was close enough to hear them talking to each other, they were going back and forth between looking intently at the device and scanning in the direction that Jastin had been moving before he switched the beacon off.

There was a tense moment when the three Triangularians push past Jastin and the group of civilians he was blending with but they hurried by barely even looking at Jastin as they did so. Jastin continued walking a measured pace for a couple of more counts of sixty, then ducked into an alley. Carefully peering around the corner, he verified that he has lost his tail. He breathed a quiet sigh of relief.

Without the beacon, Jastin would have to rely on one of four pre-arranged back-up retrieval points. Based on the position of the sun in the sky, Jastin determined he have been moving in a northerly direction just before turning off the beacon so he would pick a retrieval point in one of the other cardinal directions. After a moments consideration, he began moving to the west.


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