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Calling A Contact

Posted on Sun May 9th, 2021 @ 9:35pm by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: Ready Room


With the ship safely hidden behind the outer planet in the Triangularan system Mystery walked into her ready room dimmed the lights, took a seat at her desk and placed a call to her contacts on Special Forces. The way the attacking ships had been able to interrupt the shields and make them reflect back on the ship had her unnerved not to mention the attack maneuver she’d used many times had not gone well. It took several minutes for the secured connection to go through; when it did her ex-husband Mark came up.

“Hello Mystery,” Mark said “What do I owe this call to?”

“I have a problem, remember that attack maneuver, where we pivot at warp one and at the same time fire a full spread of torpedoes then punch it to warp four?” Mystery asked

“I remember it well, you came up with it and it saved our butts more than once. Why do you ask?” Mark questioned

“I’m sure I already know the answer but did anyone we worked with pass that on or use it very often?” Mystery commented

“No one would share it, that was a special technique that you came up with why do you ask?” Mark said

Mystery explained what had happened during the attack and the maneuver she’s used “Now you see why I asked.”

Mark leaned back in his seat and rubbed his chin for several minutes “The only answer I have is there is a mole, either on your ship or here. Give me a few hours and I’ll see what I can find out. The issue with the attacking ships being able to do something to your shields has me very concerned. Our marriage may have been a mistake but I still love you and would not want anything to happen to you. There is a new shield harmonics out that is pretty much fool proof, let me get it sent to you and have your engineers incorporate it into your ship.”

“No one aboard knows I was married, I’ve kept that a secret to not only protect me but you as well. We made some enemies out there over the years,” Mystery replied

“That we did, I’ll dig into things and see what I can come up with, in the meantime hang in there and I’ll be in touch,” Mark said pressing a button on his end and the screen went back to showing the Special Forces logo which Mystery promptly logged out of. Getting up from her desk she returned to the bridge to check on repairs and the marines on the surface of Triangular.



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