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New Arrival

Posted on Wed Jul 28th, 2021 @ 1:28pm by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot

Mission: Star Base Mercury And ????
Location: Star Base Mercury
Timeline: Concurrent


The Shuttle was on it's way to Star Base Mercury carrying one Lieutenant Tonat Robare who was the new Chief Operations/Tactical Officer assigned by Star Fleet Headquarters.

Tonat was a Bajoran female with the typical Bajoran temperament; even though she was a dedicated Officer she would not stand for anything that was not right or proper. She stood five foot eight inches with short brown hair, green eyes, and insisted on wearing her ear adornments which Star Fleet was fine with. Tonat came across as being quite serious most of the time which gained her either respect or fear from others. Although once you got to know her, she actually was very pleasant and quite friendly.

The Lieutenant had served on a Medical Ship for the last several years and was looking forward to a new assignment; one that didn't involve sick or dying people most of the time.

Robare knew by the Command structure of the Base, that she would assume two rolls; head of Operations and Tactical which she was more than fine with and had experience in both areas. She had also found out who the C.O. was going to be; Commander Helen Leaf who she had heard was an excellent Officer and leader. That would be a welcome change from her last C.O.; who was less than stellar as a leader.

The closer the Shuttle came to the Base the more nervous and excited the Lieutenant became as she asked "Pilot how much longer until we get to the Star Base"

"About forty five more minutes" the Pilot answered "If you don't mind my asking Lieutenant; are you excited about your new assignment."

Tonat smiled to herself "Yes very much so. I needed a break from a Medical Ship; being around sick and dying people wears on you after awhile" she explained.

"Well I can understand that.....takes a special kind of person to work in that environment all the time" the Pilot replied.

"Yes it certainly does" Tonat responded "Usually the average time of service on a Ship like that is about five years...I lasted about seven before I decided I needed a change....thankfully this opportunity came along when it did."

Suddenly the Shuttle went quiet for awhile and Tonat relaxed waiting for their arrival and the start of her new assignment.

Then the Pilot reported "There's Star Base Mercury straight ahead....I'll need to contact the Independence and let them know your here."

"Excellent" the Lieutenant replied "Will I beam over?"

"No, but I will need permission to Dock" the Pilot answered "USS Independence this is Shuttle Berlin with a new arrival for the Base, permission to dock."

"Shuttle can dock at Dock Six" the Comm Officer replied.

"Dock Six....understood" the Pilot repeated.

Soon the Shuttle was docked and the hatch on the Shuttle opened as Tonat paused and looked at the Pilot "Thanks for the ride and have safe travels" she said then turned to make her way to the Command Deck.

"Best of luck to you Lieutenant" she heard the Pilot say as she walked off the Shuttle.

The Lieutenant paused for a moment to compose herself then proceeded to the Command Deck at her new home. When she reached Command she couldn't help but notice all of the activity going on. Tonat scanned the room looking for a Commander when she saw one, except that one was a male and she doubted his name was Helen.

After a few moments she saw a female Commander and figured this must be her new Commanding Officer. Tonat took a deep breathe then made her way over to Commander Leaf hoping what she had heard about the C.O. was actually true.



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