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The View is Amazing

Posted on Fri Oct 8th, 2021 @ 7:46pm by Crewman Thomas Jefferson

Mission: Character Developmemt
Location: Jupiter Station
Timeline: Current

Well, since the world in a world must have been a dream.....


Thomas and his wife spent the first couple of days on the Jupiter station just enjoying themselves with a tour of the station and to see what it had to offer the civilian population that resides there.

While wandering the station, they came across an area that was blocked off, apparently there had been a hull breach from a meteor strike and the resulting decompression did damage to the shops in that sector. Being someone who really didn't feel that rules or restrictions applied to him, Thomas pushed past the security barrier and entered the restricted zone. His wife, shaking her head in resignation quickened her pace to catch up.

Finding a zone that had been a small park and approximately 10,000 square feet on 2 levels of shop space that had been damaged. It was apparent that the shops that had been here had either closed permanently or had been moved to other areas of the stations huge promenade area as the entire area was covered in dust and plastic sheeting.

Stepping up to the exterior bulkhead and looking out the floor to ceiling transparent aluminum windows he was visited with an amazing view of Jupiter's clouds. Thomas stood there transfixed by the view and the magnificence of it all.

After about 10 minutes Marie gazed at the love of her life and recognized the far off stare in Thomas's eyes as a clear indication that he was lost in an internal conversation that could last for quite some time. Deciding that he probably can't get into too much trouble where he was, Marie wandered back to the promenade to see if she could find some decent coffee.

An hour or so later, Thomas turned saying "Marie, I.... hmmm". Seeing that she was nowhere about he took one final look out the window and went to find a terminal. Hating the comm badges that were issued to Starfleet personnel and its employees, he tended to 'forget' to pick it up when leaving his quarters, especially when not on the ship. Once locating a working terminal, he found the location of the station management offices and set off at a brisk pace to speak to the station manager.

Later, Marie looked up to see Thomas coming towards where she was sitting drinking marginal coffee and unpalatable pastries while watching children play across the promenade. He had a look of triumph on his face that she had not seen in quite some time. Sitting down across from her he picked up a pastry, took a bite, spit it out on the ground and tossed the pastry over his shoulder, saying "guess what".

Sipping the coffee while holding the cup in both hands, Marie gazed into his eyes and said "you leased that abandoned space."

His smiling faltering for just a moment though never really going away he says "I seem to never be able to surprise you mon amour."

"non mon amour I don't believe you ever will" eyes smiling at the jest though her face remained impassive. "Now, what shall we call this newest acquisition?"

Pouring himself a cup of coffee and, apparently forgetting that he had already done so, picks up another pastry and takes a bite. A look of pure disdain crosses his face as he spits out the offending delicacy and he tosses the second pastry to the side. "THAT, is a good question." sipping the boiled dirt that Jupiter station called coffee he continues "though I am sure you will come up with something that will make the locals oooh and aaahh" setting the cup down "at least we will be able to get decent coffee and croissants next time we visit this station.

Sitting back he says "I have already contacted Raynard, and he will come and manage the construction" seeing the look in Marie's eyes he says "Morel is more than capable of handling the restaurant while Raynard is here getting things organized. Besides it is time he stepped up and took on more responsibilities." Grimacing at the mud in his cup Thomas says "I have also received confirmation that our orders will be here in the next couple of days so we can resupply the Independence's stores."

"And my new shoes and dresses as well?"

"Oui, oui your shoes and dresses as well... and maybe a surprise or two that perhaps this time will be a surprise..."

Smiling sweetly Marie just lets her eyes twinkle a bit more as she took another sip of her coffee.



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