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An all-around

Posted on Sun Oct 10th, 2021 @ 7:01pm by Lieutenant Ken Kudo & Lieutenant JG Billi & Lieutenant JG Kehlani

Mission: Character Developmemt
Location: USS Independence
Timeline: current


Ken Kudo put his arms up above his head, his engineers grabbing his forearms and pulling him upwards, gripping more of his body as it became available. Across his chest was a smoking, smoldering burn, as if a bull whip with flames had scorched his chest through his uniform. The acrid smoke of it woke everyone up within reach. "Boss! Boss? You okay?"

Kudo never lost consciousness, though it had been close. Attaching the power conduits from four shuttles to help power the AUX for Indy had been a trick but it had worked. The ship now had auxiliary power. But, in the process, Kudo had had to lean his chest against a plasma conduit in order to loosen the cover for the power feed. It had been quite the fight and in the time it took Ken's uniform had finally given in to the heat and combusted. But, before that, Kudo had formed blisters on his flesh, which had been mashed and left open, some of which were bleeding. However, his sacrifice had saved his child; the Indy could now recover. "Site to site transport, computer. Ensign Ingunn Selvik taking charge of engineering until relief arrives. Transport now and note changes in ship's log." All was done accordingly and Kudo shimmered out of existence.


The IKS Gowron had slipped up alongside Indy while she was crippled, fully cloaked. Whatever the reason it had not affected the Klingon vessel but left the Independence wide open for intrusion. That being the case the captain of the Gowron gave the order to transport. Moments passed then the transporter room hailed and stated that the guest had been delivered.

Aboard the Indy, in the VIP suite designated for Billi. a lone woman appeared by crimson transporter beam. A pile of bags around her and one on her shoulder, which she dropped as she smiled and came forward with arms wide open, accepting her green lover into her arms for a long overdue hug. Khelani stepped back while still holding onto the arms, smiling. "Billi, my dear. So good to see you! It's been what...three months?"

"Four," corrected Billi as she giggled and smiled, hugging Khelani once more before facing the woman and placing her forehead against the Klingon's. "I have missed you, parmach. This is a day I will remember for all my days."

Khelani reached her right hand up and caressed the back of the neck and skull of Billi. "Parmach. Never apologize for what the heart feels. I have ached for you, as well." They separated and Khelani pulled all the way back. "So, what goes where?"

Billi was ecstatic. Her lover and partner was now here, and what they could accomplish for Indy was beyond measure. "I have much to tell you, Kay. Let's get you unpacked."

The two women did just that, talking as they arranged for a dual living condition.



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By Crewman Thomas Jefferson on Sun Oct 10th, 2021 @ 7:27pm

This post confuses me, can you add some context to what it refers to?