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We've Arrived

Posted on Thu Oct 14th, 2021 @ 6:06pm by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Settlers
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


“Captain, the planet is on sensors,” helm announced

“Take us out of warp, standard approach, there’s no one there so no need to gain permission to assume orbit,” Mystery said “Science we know the planet is has no one there, scan the moon and give me a report”

“I’m on it captain,” Rayven responded as she bent over her sensors “I’m reading two moons, one appears to be a big hunk of rock, the other one is smaller and shows a rainforest. The air is very thin.”

“Get me a full report on both planets,” Mystery said turning to Jamie “Commander why don’t we go tell our passengers we’ve arrived and will begin transporting them to the surface. We’ll land near where their supplies have been delivered. We’ll get the away teams ready so we can assist them in building things. Lieutenant Zebot you have the bridge.”

Mystery and Jamie left the bridge and made their way to meet the settlers. Once on the deck they were greeted by several hopeful passengers.

“I’m Captain Ellis and this is my XO Commander O’Connell, we’re here to tell you we’ve arrived at Planet Astra, we’ll be ready to transport you to the surface and well remain to help you get your buildings up and such.”



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