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New Reality

Posted on Sat Oct 16th, 2021 @ 2:24pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot & Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Settlers
Location: Various
Timeline: Current



{Deck 5-Guest Quarters}

“I’m Captain Ellis and this is my XO Commander O’Connell, we’re here to tell you we’ve arrived at Planet Astra, we’ll be ready to transport you to the surface and will remain to help you get your buildings up and such.”
[End Snip]

"I'll give you an hour to get your things together while I take care of a few matters. When I return I'll escort you to the Transporter Rooms for transport to the surface" Jamie instructed then turned to go back to his Office with the Captain who was heading back to the Bridge.

{Deck 2-XO's Office}

Jamie walked in and grabbed a cup of coffee before wrapping up a couple of things when something hit him. Tapping his Comm "Lieutenant Zebot this O'Connell." "Go ahead Commander." "Just for safety's sake I'd like a four man armed Security Team to beam down to Astra with the Settlers and check the place out. It's supposed to be void of life there but I don't want any surprises" the Commander explained.

"As you wish Commander....I'll have them meet you in the Transporter Rooms in forty five" Katlyn replied. "Great, we'll be there within the hour" Jamie said. Tapping his Comm again "Captain Ellis this O'Connell, with your permission I'll beam down to Astra with the Settlers and get them into their temporary homes."

Tapping her comm "Thank you commander, once that's done we can begin our assistance in getting their buildings up and such," Mystery said "I'm looking at tomorrow for everything to begin."

"Agreed, tomorrow sounds good; it will give the folks a chance to get settled somewhat before everything gets stared. Also since I do have some experience in agriculture maybe I should concentrate my efforts on helping with the farming" Jamie concluded.

"Good idea, our new science chief's family grows exotic teas so I'm sure she'll have ideas on irrigation, we'll need soil samples and water samples too," Mystery commented "This will be all hands on deck."

"Sounds good....I'll swing by the Labs in the morning and see about getting the samples will give me a reason to meet the new CSO also" Jamie replied.

"Sounds like a good idea, we know nothing about this planet other than it's supposed to be devoid of life," Mystery commented.

"Just as a precautionary measure I've instructed Lieutenant Zebot to have a four man armed Security Team to go with us just to be sure" he replied "We don't want any surprises."

{Deck 5-Guest Quarters}

After finishing his conversation with Mystery, Jamie arrived at the Guest Quarters greeted by some very excited people. They were talking amongst themselves until they saw the Commander, then they became very quiet.

"If you have all your belongings then follow me up to Deck 3 and we'll get you planet-side soon" the Commander instructed. As he led the way they broke up into two groups of ten and used two Lifts to get to their destination.

{Deck 3-Transporter Rooms}

As everyone exited the Lifts Jamie noticed the Security Detail and he approached them "Good afternoon gentlemen, Ensign. This should be a very easy task, even though Astra appears to be void of life forms I wanted you to check the area just to be sure" O'Connell instructed.

"Commander if I may....let us beam down to the surface first and setup a perimeter before the rest of you follow....just to be sure" the Ensign commented. "That sounds like a good idea...go ahead" Jamie replied. Soon the Security Team was planet side.

After a few minutes Jamie received a call from the Ensign "All set can beam down anytime."

The Commander broke the Settlers into three groups and used all three Transporter Rooms to beam everyone down to once.


When everyone materialized on the planet Jamie looked around at this beautiful countryside; he hadn't seen anything this breath taking since leaving Ireland on Earth. Jamie helped everyone get settled in their temporary homes along with the help of the Security Team since they couldn't find any threats on the planet to be concerned about.

After a few hours of helping, Jamie walked up to the leader of the Settlers "If your all set for the night, then I'll be on my way" he said "You have a Comm that we gave you so if there's any problems let us know and we'll have help to you quickly."

"Thank you Commander, but I think we'll be fine tonight" the Leader replied "And will we see tomorrow to get our new village started?"

Jamie smiled "Sir, we will be here every day until you folks are able to manage on your own" he stated. The leader smiled and nodded.

Tapping his Comm "This is O'Connell, one to beam back to the Ship" and momentarily Jamie had vanished while thinking "Tomorrow starts the fun."



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