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Is this up or down?

Posted on Sat Oct 16th, 2021 @ 6:05pm by Lieutenant Ken Kudo
Edited on on Sat Oct 16th, 2021 @ 6:37pm

Mission: Settlers
Location: USS Amandora
Timeline: current/somewhere in between


Kudo had taken one of the two of the type 10 shuttles aboard Indy. He had loaded it with the engineers he knew he could trust, and at the same time, would look best in jungle hiking shorts for women. Lotsa leg.

Landing outside the colony, all of it seen on approach, the aft hatch opened down into a ramp as his engineers departed and met the colonists. He really needed to talk to Ellis about four Delta Flyers. They were compact but equal to runabouts in abilities. After shutting down, Ken walked out the aft exit, going down the ramp. As he stepped both feet onto the planet the aft ramp/hatch/entry closed and locked them out. Kudo looked to a rather burley fellow. "I am Lieutenant Ken Kudo, Chief Engineer for the USS Independence. We were sent to assist?" The last coming out as a question.

As a man stepped forward and clasped his hand in greeting, Kudo finally realized what these people were up against. It was desolate, but survivable. "Where can I help, Sir?" Ken asked graciously.

"This way, son," said the old man he had met first. "We are in dire need." He began to lead the way.

Kudo followed for a while, then spoke up suddenly. "What is actually going on here?"

The man stopped and turned to face Ken. "How do you mean, Sir?"

"This is too perfect. Where am I--truly?" Asked Kudo.

In his dreamstate he got an answer. "Where we want you to be. Inject, wait, act. That is all."

Nothing else came forth, in any way secret. They had made their point; we can get to you, no matter what.



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