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A new adventure

Posted on Tue Oct 26th, 2021 @ 7:32pm by Lieutenant Gracelyn Walker

Mission: Settlers
Location: USS Saginaw
Timeline: Current


[USS Saginaw]

Gracelynn had been traveling for several days, having been reassigned to the USS Independence. She was excited about her new assignment and to meet a new crew as well. Gracelynn didn’t have any problems making new friends. She was a people person and in her line of work it was a good thing.

She had spent her time traveling reading up on the crew from their files and as what was the usual case, she found them lacking. She didn’t need to know how decorated they were or the bare bones but what they were like, personalities and whether there were some storms going on inside. They was probably why most crew members were leery of counselors. The thing was, it wasn’t her job to find a crew member unfit for duty but rather to help them so they could return to work or to process difficult missions.

The ship and its crew were at Planet Astra, dropping off some settlers and assisting them in setting up a colony. Having grown up on a colony, Graceland was both excited and intrigued for those who would live there. They would be starting new life on the planet and who knew what it would be like years down the road. Her parents were helping with a third settlement, this one they planned to make their permanent home. Gracelynn felt like she could be an asset to her command staff even for this mission as she was experienced in starting a settlement.

Gracelynn had served on the USS Torrello before being given this promotion and transfer. It had been tough to leave the crew, especially after the recent loss of an away team. Gracelynn had been counseling many of the crew, the loss has been felt deeply by all of them. Gracelynn made sure she took time to deal with her own grief as well. The crew was close, more like a family than a crew working together.

Gracelynn stood and gathered her things. The ship would arrive at Planet Astra within the next half an hour. She was looking forward to this chance for a new start. She wouldn’t forget those lost but she chose to honor their lives by continuing to live her life and to be a valued part of the Federation.

She headed down the corridor to the transporter room to wait for their arrival. She had received a message that she would be met by a member of the crew who would show her around. That was standard, especially when they were on a mission. Gracelynn smiled to herself.

“USS Independence, here I come.” Gracelynn spoke to herself as she entered the transporter room, laughing softly as the look the chief gave her. “I was talking to myself.” She explained with a grin. “Just a little giddy about beaming over.”

The chief grinned back at her. “We’re less than ten minutes from your beaming over. It won’t be long now.”

Gracelynn nodded as she stood waiting, ready to embrace her future.



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