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Tractor Time

Posted on Thu Oct 21st, 2021 @ 12:06pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Ensign Heather

Mission: Settlers
Location: Various
Timeline: Current



{Deck 2-XO's Quarters}

Heather and Jamie had just finished breakfast when he decided to check for any reports or messages. He went over to the Terminal and keyed in his security code then sat down. Jamie noticed a report from Lieutenant Mist concerning her findings which he opened and began to read. Jamie was quite surprised at what the report said when he mentioned to Heather "Sweetheart come here and look at this report I received from Rayven."

She walked over and read the report "I knew that Rayven was working on the samples that we gathered but she didn't mention the rapid growth factor" she replied "That looks to be good news though."

Jamie smiled "From a farming viewpoint that is really good news for sure." He checked the other items but most of them could wait until a later time. He got up and gave Heather a kiss "I better be going....more fields to get ready for planting."

"Ok Farmer Jamie" she replied with a chuckle "Maybe I'll see you down there later." Jamie smiled then left their Quarters.


Soon Jamie materialized on the surface and made his way over to the Settler in charge then explained what Science had discovered about the planet "I can finish getting the fields ready for planting but I would hold off planting any crops until we get the barn up and ready" he reasoned.

"That sounds like a good idea....why don't I have my man finish the soil preparation....if you would like to get the barn up so we have a place to hold the crops and grind the corn, wheat, and the rye" he replied.

"I can do problem, but I'll need a couple of your men to help me as well as your machine to hoist the pre-made walls into position for bolting together" he reasoned.

"Anything you need Commander" came the reply.

By the end of two hours the barn was up and bolted together for the men to add the interior walls as well as the grinders to make various kinds of flour for baking. Soon the building was done and Jamie went over to the Settler to let him know the building was finished.

The Settler walked into the barn and looked around "Very nice....I really like the way these go together and so quickly as well" he commented.

Jamie smiled "So what's next" he asked.

The Settler thought for a few moments "I really hate to ask....but do you think you could start getting the Homes put together for the folks...I hate to see them having to live in those makeshift shelters for too long" he stated.

The Commander thought for a moment " problem...just give me those men I used earlier to help and the machine to use" he replied. The Settler nodded in agreement as he showed Jamie where and what configuration to build their new homes. So Jamie proceeded to get to work straight away.

Since all the houses came in prebuilt panels, with a basic shape for the houses, each one only required about one and a half hours each to completely construct. The Settler came over and walked inside one of the homes with Jamie "These are so nice inside....the folks will be very happy with their new homes" he commented.

Jamie smiled "I'm very glad to hear that's three houses done with seven more to go....after I have something to eat then maybe we can get a couple more done today....then we can finish the rest tomorrow" he explained.

He walked over to where the building panels were stacked and sat down when he looked up and noticed Heather walking towards him "Hi sweetheart....what are you doing here" he asked with a smile on his face.

"I had some free time this afternoon since it's slow in the Lab and decided to see how you were doing" she replied as she looked at the newly made homes "Those look nice and cozy."

"Would you like to see the inside of one" he asked.

"I'd love too" she replied with a smile "As long as it's ok."

The couple walked over to the closest house then Jamie opened the door for them to enter. When he closed the door he heard a noise then looked up just in time to see a rafter support let loose. Then the unthinkable happened....before he could push Heather out of the way....the rafter support fell and struck her across the shoulders and knocked her to the floor.

"HEATHER!!" Jamie screamed then he bent down and moved the rafter support off her "Are you ok?"

She moved a little and in a groggy voice "What just happened" she asked.

"One of the rafter supports let loose and fell on you want to beam to sickbay?" he asked.

Looking at Jamie Heather smiled "No I'm ok....just help me up" she said "Had I seen it coming at me then I could have deflected it with my arm.....but obviously I didn't see it coming until it was too late."

Jamie helped her to her feet "Are you sure your alright" he asked when he looked up and noticed two of the Settlers standing in the doorway.

"Commander we heard a everything ok here" he asked. Then Jamie proceeded to tell them what had just happened. One of the men spoke up "Commander I am so sorry.....that's my fault....I ran out of bolts and went to get some more when I heard the scream" the Settler explained.

Heather looked at Jamie figuring his Irish temper would take over.....but it didn't. Jamie realized that what had happened to Heather was an accident....nothing more, when he replied "It's not your had no way of knowing that someone would be coming into the house before you got back."

The Settler let out a sigh of relief as did Heather. "I'm still very sorry for what's happened here" the Settler stated. Jamie helped her walk as the two exited the building and the Settler put the support rafter back in place and finished installing the bolts.

Jamie and Heather went and sat for a few moments when he asked "Are you sure you're alright" he said with concern in his voice.

Heather leaned over and gave Jamie a quick kiss not really caring who saw them then smiled "Yes I'm worry too much."

Jamie fought back the tears "If anything were to happen to....." then he stopped in mid sentence and looked into her beautiful eyes.

"Yes I know" she whispered "But I assure you I'm fine...although I should be getting back to the Ship" Heather stated with a smile.
She got up and walked a few feet from Jamie then tapping her Comm "This is Ensign to beam back to the Ship" then she vanished.

Jamie sat going over the past several minutes while thinking to himself "I've put this off long enough.....tonight's the night." He got up and went back to work with a smile on his face.


Commander Jamie O'Connell
Executive Officer
USS Independence

Ensign Heather Devroe
Science Officer
USS Independence


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