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Posted on Tue Oct 26th, 2021 @ 2:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor

Mission: Settlers
Location: Various
Timeline: Current

[Astra – Medical Tent]

Feyd frowned as he reviewed the medical scan he had just taken from one of the Settlers. He had come in complaining about an upset stomach, but the scan had not revealed anything that would have caused it. In fact, the man had no foreign matter in his stomach whatsoever.

On a hunch, he grabbed a hypo spray and loaded it with a placebo and pressed it to the man’s neck.

“Give that a second to get into your bloodstream and you should feel better.” He said, turning around to arrange his hypos.

Feyd had received Mist’s report about the crops a few hours ago and that, along with the settler’s behavior and the scan, made him feel like something was off. The placebo was a way to test his theory.

“That did the trick, doc.” The man said a few minutes later, hopping off the bio bed, and confirming Feyd’s suspicions. There was nothing wrong with him, and this ‘upset stomach’ was all for show. The question remained…why?

Feyd hit his comm badge as the man left the medical tent. “Relor to Commander O’Conner.”

[Astra Moon – Unknown Installation]

“Report,” said the woman as she strode into the command center.

Komlan turned from the huge screens in front of him with data about vitals streaming across them.
“No changes, ma’am,” he replied.

She paused. “What do you mean, no changes? Didn’t the doctor just give one of the subjects medication?”

Komlan frowned. “He did. You’re right, there should have been some changes. I didn’t catch that.”

The woman strode closer to Komlan, seized him by the neck, and lifted him fully off his feet, his boots dangling in the air. He struggled to breathe as her face grew very close to his. Her breath smelled like strawberries, he thought absurdly.

“You are paid to catch things.” She said through gritted teeth. Do you have any idea what’s at stake here?”

Komlan outweighed the woman by at least fifty pounds, but her grip was like iron, and his struggling was in vain. His vision started to get darker as his brain was deprived of oxygen but, just before he blacked out, she released him.

His knees buckled as he fell to the deck, coughing and fighting to draw in breath. After a few moments, he headed sheepishly back to his seat.

“One more mistake like that and you’re finished.” She said, and pulled out a communications device. “We have a problem. The doctor is starting to suspect something.” She said the, after a short pause.
“I understand.”


Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor
Chief Medical Officer
USS Independence


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