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Posted on Fri Nov 5th, 2021 @ 2:06pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot

Mission: Settlers
Location: Astra
Timeline: Concurrent



Ted opened the transmission on his console, and his eyes went up in alarm. According to this, Star Fleet wasn't there to help them settle, they were there to put an end to the eugenics any means necessary. They were to bombard the planet, and all of it's people, as they left orbit. Ted stood up, he had to do something about this...

[End Snip]

Lieutenant Zebot materialized on the surface, after her discussion with the Commander concerning the Settlers, and was looking for the guy that she had previously spoken to about being enhanced. She headed towards the barn since she had seen him there before and when Katlyn rounded the corner, there he was digging in the ground.

"Hey there" Katlyn said with a smile on her face "How's it going" as she walked up to him.

"Oh hi, I'm doing well....just trying to get some work done before dinner" the guy replied.

Katlyn knew she would have to be shrewd to find out more about the enhancements, so she chose her words very carefully "It's nice seeing someone who isn't afraid to get dirty and work" she stated with a smile "I was wondering....your enhancements...that sounds really did they go about doing it."

The Settler just looked at her for a moment before answering "Aaah....never mind....we shouldn't be discussing this....I've said too much already....besides She wouldn't like it" he concluded.

Kaylyn picked up on the last part of the Settler's statement "And who exactly is She that your referring to" she asked. But before he could answer, Ted the head Settler, walked up and whispered something in the other's ear.

The Settler looked at the Lieutenant like she had three heads with horns but didn't say a word...just glared at her. Katlyn didn't like the look of this so she started to back up and put more distance between them and herself when she backed into two more Settlers who grabbed Kat by the arms. As much as she struggled she couldn't break herself free. By this time being scared had turned into being pissed "What the hell do you think your doing....let me go this instant....this is outrageous" she yelled.

Ted walked over to her "Nice try Lieutenant...being so nice and this the way you treat all your victims before you kill them" he asked wanting a straight answer.

"Kill you?....what the hell are you talking about....we were sent here to help you settle this planet and start a new life for yourselves....who said anything about killing you" Katlyn replied in a loud strong voice.

Ted just glared at Katlyn "Like I said....nice try....for your information I received a communication informing me that your Ship was planning on destroying this planet, and us, as you leave orbit to terminate the eugenics project that we've all been a part of over the past year" he stated.

Meanwhile Commander O'Connell materialized on the surface when he heard shouting and loud talking going on behind the barn...the shouting sounded like Katlyn and it didn't sound good. Tapping his Comm "Security this is O'Connell....I want a six man Security Team armed and planet side in five minutes....we may have a big problem" came the order. "We'll be there in five" came the reply.

Shortly the Security Team arrived then Jamie instructed them "You three go around the other side of the barn....stay out of sight until you hear my three come with me" so Jamie and the Team approached the barn from two different sides at the same time.

As O'Connell rounded the corner he did not like what he was seeing as he spoke in a loud voice "What the Bloody Hell is going on here....let go of my Officer immediately and tell me what the problem is" he ordered. The Settlers looked around seeing six phaser rifles pointed at them when Ted replied "Oh sure...just kill us here....why wait until you leave....I thought you were here to help us get settled...not kill us. Ted nodded to his men then they let go of Katlyn. After giving them a dirty look she walked over by the Commander as she whispered "What got into their shorts I glad to see you."

Jamie turned and smiled at Kat then addressed Ted "Look if you want to tell me exactly what triggered your actions like civilized adults then I'll have my men lower their weapons" he stated.

Ted let out a long sigh then attempted to explain "I received a transmission a short time ago telling us that your Ship was going to destroy Astra and us when you left orbit to cover up the fact that we are an enhanced people."

Jamie looking straight at Ted "First of all that's an out and out lie....Star Fleet is not in the habit of destroying planets or it's have my word on that as a gentlemen and an Officer. Secondly why in the Bloody Hell would we waste our time helping you get settled if we were only going to destroy you when we left....think about it....does that make any sense to you?"

At this point the Commander gave the signal for the Security Team to lower their weapons as Ted thought "No I guess your right...that does seem rather counter productive now that you mention it" a confused Ted replied.

The Commander let out a sigh of relief " you have any idea where that communications came from" he asked.

"No I have no idea....but it had my name attached to the message" Ted replied.

Jamie thought for a few moments "'s what's going to happen....The Lieutenant and I are going to return to our Ship and see if we can figure out where this message originated from....hopefully we can get to the bottom of this misunderstanding...and let me assure you....we are not going to kill any of you or destroy this planet" he explained.

Ted nodded yes then said "Lieutenant Zebot please forgive me and my men for this....misunderstanding....we meant you no harm" he stated.

The Lieutenant forced a smile "Your forgiven" she said, but she wasn't really sure that she meant it.

Jamie looked at the Settlers "You'll be hearing from me soon and I hope with some answers" he said then tapping his Comm "Independence this is O'Connell....eight to beam back to the Ship" and soon they were gone.

The Settlers turned to Ted "So do you think they're telling us the truth?" "I guess we'll find out soon enough" Ted replied.


Commander Jamie O'Connell
Executive Officer
USS Independence

Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot
Tactical/Security Officer
USS Independence


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