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Post Number 1 Mission End

Posted on Thu Nov 18th, 2021 @ 12:52pm by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Charcter Development
Location: Ready Room and Bridge
Timeline: Current


Thank you Sean for suggesting we do a peaceful, no conflict mission. We’re now in Character Development until a new mission is worked up. Unless someone has objections I’m not putting us at a star base or a planet. We’ll post Character Development on the ship. Remember we’ll be numbering posts.


With the completion of getting the settlers on Astra, the investigation on the smaller moon and assurance that the Independence was not going to destroy the planet the ship left orbit and headed on her way to their next assignment. With nothing pressing at the time the crew got a rare chance to relax and just have some well earned down time.

Rayven’s report on the planet and the seeds she’d found had been forwarded to Starfleet Science and a copy had been sent to Mystery’s friend Commodore Song.

A little girl had gotten the bunny she thought she’d lost when in reality she’d never had one and had only seen Jefferson with one not knowing the rabbit was going to be in a stew pot for dinner. Mystery knew at some point the child would become to understand that animals were often used for food and that was one reason why the rabbit had been in a cage on the ship. While some animals were kept as pets some were also kept for food and in time her parents would tell her that.

Mystery looked out her office window as the ship sped in no particular destination in mind. She had a good crew and officers and there was a new councilor aboard who Mystery had yet to meet. Rayven had met the young woman and was giving her a tour of the ship. Gracelyn would of course be permitted on the bridge should she chose to do so.

Walking onto the bridge a few minutes later Mystery watched her officers as they went about his or her duties. Leaving the bridge in the capable hands of her operations officer Mystery headed off the bridge to the gym for a workout and then to her quarters for a shower and change of uniform before going to get a bite to eat.



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