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Post #3-Seriously?

Posted on Mon Nov 22nd, 2021 @ 5:38pm by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot & Ensign Gabriella Dubois
Edited on on Mon Nov 22nd, 2021 @ 5:46pm

Mission: Charcter Development
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


{Deck 3 - Lounge}

Katlyn left the Lounge, after having a drink with Heather, and thought she might stop by and see Gabriella. Tapping her Comm "Ensign Dubois this is Lieutenant Zebot, I thought I might swing by if that's ok" she asked.

"Sure....that would be great....see you in a few minutes" a excited Gabriella replied knowing exactly what she wanted to wear for the occasion.

{Gabriella's Quarters}

Katlyn walked up to the door and palmed the chime waiting for a response. Quickly the door opened as Gabriella smiled "Kat please come'll have to excuse my appearance.....I had just finished my shower when you called."

Katlyn walked in seeing a very sexy, gorgeous women standing in nothing but a bath towel as she walked up to her and gave her a kiss "Umm.....that's quite alright" Kat said in a low sultry voice trying to compose herself after seeing this lovely creature.

"Make yourself comfortable while I get dressed" Gabriella replied. Before Kat realized what she was saying she blurted out "Need any help" Gabriella looked at her as she caressed the side of Kat's face "That's very sweet of you to offer; but i think I can manage" as Gabriella turned and went into the bedroom.

Kat sat on the couch thinking " close.....yet so far away" then a smirk came across her face "One of these days!"

A few minutes later Gabriella came back into the living area wearing a pair of shorts and a short silk robe which was left mostly open and only tied with a sash which kept it somewhat closed. For whatever reason she loved showing Kat as much skin as was part of her 'game' that she liked to play "Would you like a Brandy" she asked Kat.

"Yes that would be nice" came the reply. Gabriella poured two Brandys....came and sat next to Kat as she handed her one of the them "I must say I was a little surprised when you called...I haven't seen much of you lately and I've missed you."

Taking a big sip of her drink to help compose herself "I'm sorry but I've been busy with all that's was going on with the Settlers and things" Kat replied with a smile "And I've missed you too."

So the two girls sat and talked for awhile when Gabriella asked "So what happened with the Settlers anyway."

Katlyn smiled and explained everything that had happened on Astra and the Moon....except she left out the part about Heather kicking that ladies butt since she had promised her to keep it a secret and not telling anyone...including Gabriella.

"I guess you have been busy" Gabriella replied then let out a long sigh "That's the only draw back to flying the Ship....I don't get to do other things.....although I do love flying" then looking at Katlyn "Would you like another Brandy?"

"From what I've seen your very good at flying....and yes another drink would be nice" Katlyn replied.

Moments later Gabriella handed Katlyn another drink then sat back on the couch only this time very close to Kat. She glanced down to see Gabriella's robe which now left very little to the imagination. After several more minutes Katlyn had to ask "Please don't take this the wrong way" then she paused before continuing "But the way you dress and move around that intentional....I'm just curious."

Gabriella smiled warmly "Yes....very much so....I enjoy the look on your's the journey that I love so much" she explained.

A confused Katlyn replied "I'm not sure I follow."

"As with any adventure it's not just the's the journey that matters" Gabriella stated with a big smile. As much as Katlyn hated to admit it, she was rather enjoying this adventure with Gabriella.

So the two girls sat and talked for a few more hours when Katlyn realized it was getting rather late "I should be going and let you get some sleep" she said as she stood ready to leave.

Gabriella stood also and walked Katlyn to the door "Thanks for stopping was so nice to see you again" she replied with a smile then gave Katlyn a kiss "Don't be a stranger."

Katlyn smiled then gave her a kiss back "I won't and it was very nice to see you too. Maybe next time you could come to my quarters for a change."

"I'd love to....just let me know when" she replied. Katlyn nodded then turned and left to go back home with a smile on her face.


Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot
Chief Tactical/Security Officer
USS Independence

Ensign Gabriella Dubois
Flight Control Officer
USS Independence


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