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Post Number 1 Drifting Ship

Posted on Tue Nov 30th, 2021 @ 9:41am by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Sleeper Ship and Criminals
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current


Okay here we go, think of this mission starting out like when Kirk first encountered kahn in the orgional series. We won’t know right away what their intentions are. Let’s have fun with this. My character Rayven has an ex-boyfriend who is leader of the Nu-Maquis and I plan to post him on the sleeper ship. Anyone who wants to play a bad guy feel free. All I ask is you not destroy the ship LOL not that any of you would. Remember posting numbers start over. This is post number one. If you forget I can edit it.


Being on routine patrol there was nothing going on. Sciences had reported no signs of trouble. Tactical was reporting clear. To say things were boring was an understatement. Stiffling a yawn Mystery was brought out of her day dream when science alerted her to something.

“Captain,” Rayven called “I’m reading a vessel in our flight path. It appears to be drifting.”

“Communications hail them, Rayven scan it and see what you can find out,” Mystery ordered as she tapped her com-badge “Commander O’Connell report to the bridge.

“No response on all channels,” communications announced several minutes later. “I tried all channels and tied in the universal translator and there has been so response. It could be just abandoned too.”

“Scans show what appears to be sleeper pods on it. I’m not getting any warp emissions from it. There are about ten sleeper pods on it. I can’t determine if they’re all working. Engines appear to be dangerously close to quitting,” Rayven spoke up.

“Helm plot an intercept course and bring us to transporter range,” Mystery ordered


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