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Post # 3-Inspection

Posted on Fri Dec 3rd, 2021 @ 5:07pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot & Ensign Heather
Edited on on Sat Dec 4th, 2021 @ 10:45am

Mission: Sleeper Ship and Criminals
Location: Various
Timeline: Current



On his way to Deck 12, Jamie tapped his Comm "Ensign Devroe this is O'Connell." "Commander what do I owe the pleasure" Devroe replied.

"I'm leading an Away Team to a drifting ship that was in our flight path to check it out; I'm taking Katlyn and a couple of Security with me. I wanted you to know I would be off ship for a bit" he explained.

Heather let out a sigh then replied "I don't have to tell you to be careful over there.....we have a wedding to plan."

Jamie just grinned "Yes I know we do and I'll be careful. I'll let you know when I return" he concluded. As much as Jamie wanted to say 'I love you' he didn't feel it was proper using ship's comms.

{Deck 12-Tactical}

When the Lift door opened Jamie made his way to Tactical and saw Katlyn outfitted with two Security who were fully armed. Kat looked up "Commander what's going on that we need a Security Team" she asked.

Jamie explained the situation to everyone on the Team " Security is just a precaution since we don't know what we're walking into and I need you along Lieutenant in case there is a Computer problem over there."

"Understood Commander....and you need a phaser strapped to your hip too" Katlyn stated as she gave Ensign Devon a nod to get the Commander a phaser. Shortly Devon returned and handed Jamie a phaser "Thanks Ensign" as he grabbed the phaser and strapped in place. "Ok let's get this show started." So the four went to Deck 3 and entered the Transporter Room and instantly they were off the Independence.

{Drifting Ship}

Moments later the Team materialized on the Bridge of this rather small Ship. Jamie began to give out orders "Security you two post up at the door while the Lieutenant and I see if we can make any sense out of what's going on here." Security nodded and did as ordered. Looking at Kat "Lieutenant if the Computer is still functional, see if you can pull up a Ship's passenger manifest....let's see who we're dealing with." "Aye Commander" and Katlyn went right to work.

Meanwhile Jamie was taking a good look around noticing that this Ship had some definite age on it. He went over and sat what seemed to be the Command Chair and started to check some of the Ship's systems.

Katlyn managed to pull up the passenger manifest and was looking at it closely when she noticed something "Oh....what the hell!! Turning towards Jamie "Commander you should come here and take a look at this....and you're not going to like it" she said.

Jamie got up and walked over to Kat "What is it Lieutenant....what am I not going to like." As soon as Jamie looked the manifest over he soon discovered what Kat meant "What the Bloody Hell?....this is a prisoner ship" he stated.

Then Katlyn chimed in "And these are the worst kinds of criminals....killers and rapists.....that's why they're in stasis" she stated.

"See if you can pull up any sort of Ship's Logs so maybe we can figure out why this Ship is just floating in space full of criminals" he ordered.

The Lieutenant went right to work and after several minutes "Commander I think I've found one of the last entries in the Ship's Logs."

"Good work Lieutenant...let's see why this Ship is devoid of any Crew..on Screen if you would please" came the order.

Then the message started to play:" This is Captain John Peterson....I've instructed my four man Crew to abandon ship. The engines are having problems and since we have no one here to fix the problem that seemed the only choice left to us. This is a ship of criminals who are in stasis....if they wake up before our arrival to the Penal Colony we would have all been slaughtered. I've placed the coordinates into the Ship's Computer so hopefully they'll arrive in about one month. If they don't then it's still better than what these low lives deserve. Upon my return to the Prison I will tender my resignation for my actions....but at least I'll still be alive to tell the tale. Captain Peterson out." then the Screen went back to the view of space.

The two Officers turned at just looked at each other for a moment then Jamie commented rather angrily "What the Bloody Hell!!! Leave your mess for someone else to clean up."

Katlyn said "So what do you want to do Commander" she asked.

Jamie thought for a moment "Well I guess we should check out those Pods and see just how bad the engines really are before we return to the Independence" he replied.

Both Officers walked over to the Security Team and explained what had happened "Since we are dealing with killers and rapists, if you see any movement you shoot first and ask questions later...set you rifles to heavy stun" came the order.

Katlyn added "There are only four decks on this Ship; the Engine Room is on Deck 4 and the Pods on Deck 3.....I'll take point....Ensign you follow me....Commander then you....and finally Crewman you are the rear guard. Ok let's move out slowly."

{Deck 4-Engine Room}

When they arrived in the Engine Room Jamie started looking over the Computer Console to try and figure out what the problems might be; it was like being back home looking over Ship's Engines. After awhile Jamie figured out what the problem might be....the Dilithium Chamber was not working properly....hopefully that would solve the problem.

Looking at Katlyn "I think I know what the Engine problem is....the Dilithium Chamber is not working properly...It's still functioning but I'm not sure for how long" Jamie stated "Since we can't do anything about that now we may as well go and check out the Pods." The four left and found their way to the Pod area.

{Deck 3-Stasis Pods}

As they walked into the Pod area Jamie gave some instructions "Security keep a sharp eye out...Lieutenant you and I will check the condition of the Pods." So Katlyn and Jamie quickly checked all the Pods to make sure they were working properly. When they were finished only two were borderline.

"Lieutenant can you make any adjustments to those two Pods to get them more stable" Jamie asked Kaylyn.

"Yes Commander I should be able to make some adjustments through the Ship's Computer" she replied and walked over to the Computer Console and started making the proper adjustments to the to Pods. After several minutes "All set Commander but be aware that if the Engines fail then the Pods will fail as well and the Prisoners will wake up" Katlyn explained not being real happy about the whole situation.

Jamie looked at Katlyn and shook his head "I guess we better make sure the Engines don't fail then. We've done as much as we can here for now....let's get back to the Ship....I need to bring the Captain up to speed." Katlyn nodded in agreement as Jamie tapped his Comm "Transporter Room, four to beam back to the Ship" and soon the Ship was left to the Prisoners once again.


Commander Jamie O'Connell
Executive Officer
USS Independence

Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot
Computer Systems Specialist
USS Independence


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