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Post # 5-Explanation

Posted on Mon Dec 6th, 2021 @ 10:32am by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Sleeper Ship and Criminals
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


{Deck 3-Transporter Room}

After the Away Team materialized aboard Ship, Jamie handed Katlyn the phaser "Thanks to all of you...well done...your dismissed" the Commander stated as the Team gave nods and returned to the Tactical Center.

Jamie exited the Transporter Room and entered the nearest Lift to go to the Bridge and let the Mystery know what was going on. But first he tapped his Comm "Ensign Devroe this is O'Connell....I'm back on board" Heather was very relieved "Good, I'll see you tonight then." she replied.

{Deck 1-Bridge}

O'Connell exited the Lift and walked over to Mystery and sat in his chair then turning to her "Captain I think we have a real problem with that Ship."

"What kind of problem?" Mystery asked "Lieutenant Mist reports no one aboard other than the sleeper pods and the escape pods are still there."

Jamie started to explain "Firstly the Ship is filled with hardcore criminals, that's why they're in stasis pods. Secondly we found a Log where the Captain stated that he and his four man crew abandoned ship because the engines were having problems and they had no one on board to fix them. Lastly if the ship's engines fail then there is a safety protocol in place that will automatically wake up the criminals" he concluded.

"That means he was taking them to a penal colony. Those engines fail and they wake up they have a shuttle to do what they want to do. How bad are things over there? Can we safely tractor it to the penal colony?" Mystery asked "We can't risk them waking up."

"Captain as far as the Engine goes, after doing a quick assessment, It would appear the Dilithium Chamber needs to be fixed. Unfortunately the best way to do that is to take the Engine offline, but then the prisoners would wake up. A tractor beam would be our best option. It's a small Ship about twice the size of a passenger shuttle....matter of fact with the low decks, which there are four, you would think that four shuttles were stacked one on the other....definitely not Star Fleet" Jamie explained then continued "After some adjustments all the pods are stable; at least for now. Lieutenant Zebot downloaded all the Ship's Logs, so she is going over them to try and find out what Penal Colony they are being transported to and I agree they can't be allowed to wake up."

Mystery thought for several minutes as she looked at the crippled shuttle "It might be a big and I mean a big gamble and risk, but if those engines fail those criminals will wake up, take over that shuttle and tractor beam or not and depending on who they are and who would have a knowledge of ships. Could get enough power to break free of the tractor beam. What if we get the brig ready, highest level forcefields possible and beam them to the brig and keep them asleep while we take them to the penal colony. Like I said It's a very big risk. As much as they're being sentenced to a penal colony they can't be allowed to die."

After hearing Mystery's last comment Jamie thought that blowing up the prison ship would certainly solve all their problems; sadly that wasn't the Federation way. He looked at Mystery "And that's why your the Captain....beaming them to the Brig in their pods didn't even occur to me....that would certainly make things a lot simpler and the Marines are close by and could post a guard on them 24/7; that would give them something too occupy their time" Jamie replied.

"It would, have the cells ready and make certain they do not wake up. Have Doctor Relor check on them once they are aboard to make sure they're okay. I also want a list of who they are," Mystery said "I want to be notified the minute they're aboard and see if Lieutenant Zebot has found out what penal colony they were headed to. It's possible they're late getting there.

"Understood Captain, I'll get on it right away" Jamie replied as he stood and left for the XO's Office to get started on the task at hand.


Captain Mystery Ellis
Commanding Officer
USS Independence

Commander Jamie O'Connell
Executive Officer
USS Independence


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