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Post Number 8 Missing Commander

Posted on Thu Dec 9th, 2021 @ 9:26pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Ensign Heather Devroe

Mission: Sleeper Ship and Criminals
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current



Then tapping her Comm "Captain Ellis this is Ensign Devroe...I have some bad news and we need to talk as soon as possible....the Commander's life may depend on it." Heather stated.

End Snip

Tapping her com-badge "I'm in my quarters ensign, come on over," Mystery responded.

"On my way Captain" Heather replied then quickly was on her way to see Mystery, which didn't take only a few minutes since most of the Senior Staff Quarters were on the Deck 2. Arriving Heather palmed the door chime and waited for Mystery to come to the door.

Mystery walked to the door and palmed the sensor letting the door open. Stepping back to let Heather in. "Come on it and have a seat."

Heather walked in and sat down, then looking at Mystery "Thank you for seeing me so quickly....I'll get right to it. After Jamie, excuse me, the Commander came home he sent you a message on where the prisoners were headed to and also a list of their names. After he was finished he started to say something and when I looked up all I saw was a swirl of light and the Commander was gone. After checking with the Ship's Computer....he was no longer on board....he's been abducted" she stated.

"I did get the message," Mystery said taking a seat across from her. But who in the hell beamed him off the ship and why? Last I knew there was no one awake on that shuttle. No ship has been reported in our fight path other than that shuttle. It had to have been cloaked."

"I have a pretty good idea where he went and you have a list of names for the who part of it.....I strongly believe that somehow the Commander is aboard that shuttle....there is no other place he could be....and if I'm right....he may be in a whole lot of trouble" Heather replied being very confident in her theory.

"You may be right," Mystery agreed getting up and going to her desk, plugged a PADD into it and downloaded the list of prisoners, when the download was complete she took a seat next to Heather and handed her the PADD "Did any name or names stand out? But the question remains why take the first officer? Who ever is behind it must have a reason. Question is why."

Heather took the PADD from Mystery and started looking at the names. She read down most of the list then stopped and looked at Mystery "This name here" as she pointed it out "The Commander said this name looked familiar to him, although he wasn't sure why" she replied and the name....Eddie Brisco. Then Heather continued "To answer your other questions....I don't know....all I know is we have to get the Commander back....and I know how."

"Eddie Brisco? If he's who I think he is, he's the head of the Nu Maquis and is one bad ombre, he cannot be allowed to wake up. I heard stories about him. And it's not good." Mystery commented "How do you suggest we get the commander back? I'm putting the ship on alert."

Heather took a long breathe then she started to explain "There is something that only the Commander, and recently Lieutenant Zebot, knows about me and both promised not to tell anyone....but given the circumstances I think it's time I come clean. Since I was about six years old I was trained by my Father in several various forms of Martial Arts that I still practice three times a week...matter of fact the Commander works out with me in the Holo Deck when he can" she explained, then continued "I'm also very skilled in Martial Arts weaponry and in stealth tactics. Since I was never trained by Star Fleet it's not in my record. Also Lieutenant Zebot assures me that she can beam me over to the drifting ship undetected. Captain there's a lot at stake here.....and I know that I can bring the Commander and myself back safely....then you can deal with the prisoners however you see fit."

Mystery thought for several minutes "And what happens if they capture you too? The only way I'll consider it is if you wear a patch that we can track you with and and the first sign of trouble your to beam back. We have no guarantee the commander is over there. As far as your martial arts training, Starfleet or not I think you should add it to your record. But if you chose not to then your secret's safe with me. What will you do if he's not over then what?"

Heather thought for a few moments before she answered "I'm agreeable to wearing a tracking patch and I'll let you know about entering my skills into my record; as far as where the Commander is.....logically if he's not on the Independence....then that's the only other place he could be....otherwise he'd be floating in space....probably dead by now." As Heather was talking to Mystery a something crossed her mind "You know I just had a thought.....I don't think his abduction was about rank....but rather his knowledge about Ships and their Engines...his rank is just a bonus" she stated.

"You could be right," Mystery agreed "He knows starship engines inside and out. Okay you have my permission, go get the commander and bring him home."

"Thank you Captain I'll let you know when the Commander and I are safely back aboard ship" Heather replied being very pleased that the Captain went along with her plan." Heather stood and left the Captain's it was time to get to work.



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