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Post # 7 In & Out

Posted on Thu Dec 9th, 2021 @ 2:11pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell
Edited on on Thu Dec 9th, 2021 @ 2:24pm

Mission: Sleeper Ship and Criminals
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


{Drifting Ship}

When Jamie materialized, he quickly looked around to get his bearings and assess any possible threats which was a combination of his Star Fleet training and his Martial Arts training with Heather.

Then he heard a voice "Hey you...don't move" one of the prisoners said to him. The guy approached Jamie and was welcomed with a well placed kick to the groin....the guy went down howling in pain. Unfortunately Jamie didn't see the guy coming up behind him...suddenly Jamie felt a sharp prick in his neck and that was the last thing that he remembered.



The next thing that Jamie realized it was his Wedding Day. Heather had gone back to live in her Quarters a couple of weeks before the big day just to build some suspense for their Honeymoon. Jamie showered and dressed in his Dress Uniform. After dressing he went back out into the living room when he heard the door chime. When he answered the door Feyd greeted him with a smile who also was in his Dress Uniform "Feyd you clean up pretty" Jamie said with a grin; he was to be Jamie's Best Man. Feyd nodded towards Jamie and the two left for the Lounge where the wedding was to take place.

When they entered the Lounge Mystery was in her Dress Uniform as well and would be performing the ceremony for the couple; something that he and Heather was honored to have overseeing this special occasion.

The Lounge was beautifully decorated with flowers, holo candles, and a very lovely aroma filling the air. Next to arrive was Katlyn who was dressed the same and was to be Heather's Maid of Honor.

Finally the most beautiful women that Jamie had ever seen arrived at the Lounge. Heather's Dress Uniform was flawless with her gorgeous wavy, soft, long brown hair cascading off her shoulders in a most lovely way.

Then the Wedding March started and Heather walked from the doorway to where the ceremony was to be performed. Looking into Jamie's eyes "I love you so very much and can't wait to become your wife" she whispered in Jamie's ear.

Mystery started the Ceremony and soon Jamie and Heather became husband and wife. A life that each of them would cherish their whole lives. When Mystery said you may kiss the Bride, Jamie smiled at Heather and proceeded to kiss her for all he was worth.


{Back To Reality}

All of a sudden Jamie felt his face stinging....when he opened his eyes the same guy that he had greeted with a kick to the groin, had been slapping him in the face. Jamie soon realized that his wrists were fastened to the overhead beams and his feet were off the floor.

"Welcome back sweetheart" the prisoner said with a grin "There's someone who wants to meet you." Going to the Comms "Boss the idiot's finally awake if you want to come and talk to him." "On my way" the Boss stated.

Jamie looked at the prisoner "You are in a shit load of trouble for abducting me.....I'd hate to be in your shoes....oh's the groin" Jamie said with a chuckle.

Then the Lift door opened and the Boss walked out with an evil grin on his face along with a shitty smile.



Commander Jamie O'Connell
Executive Officer
USS Independence


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