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Post # 9 Getting Ready

Posted on Fri Dec 10th, 2021 @ 2:16pm by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot & Ensign Heather Devroe

Mission: Sleeper Ship and Criminals
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


{Deck 2}

After leaving the Captain's Quarters, Heather made her way to her own quarters. While on her way, Heather tapped her Comm "Lieutenant Zebot this is Ensign Devroe. How are coming along on getting me aboard that ship" she queried.

"Good....about another hour I should be able to get you aboard that ship totally undetected....I'll be in Transporter Room I said give me another hour" Katlyn replied.

"Great, I'll see you then....Devroe out" she said.

Heather focused on what she would need for the rescue of her future husband. She would have to be clear minded and focus on the task at hand in order to get them both off that ship she would see just how valuable her training would be.

{Deck 6 - Heather's Quarters}

Heather walked into her own place, which she had not been in for months, and walked over to the other side of the living area. She opened the trunk and looked at all the weapons that were at her disposal.

Before choosing her weapons Heather went into the Bedroom and grabbed her black Tactical clothes from her closet which she hadn't worn in quite awhile. The outfit consisted of black pants and a black top which had fingerless gloves sew into the ends of the sleeves. She also grabbed the hood which exposed only her eyes. The suit was constructed from a special lightweight fabric which gave her protection from sharp objects such as knives and some protection from phaser fire but still allowed complete freedom of movement; even though it was rather form fitting. Also she had attached her tracking patch to her skin while dressing.

Once dressed she went back out into the living area to choose her weapons. Heather grabbed a dozen throwing stars which she placed in a hip pouch, a dozen throwing knives which went into specially made slots on the sides of both legs, a blowgun and a dozen darts which were treated with a knockout drug, and lastly a bit of small but very strong rope which clipped to her other hip along with a few other items she might need.

After all this was finished Heather sat on her couch, closed her eyes and meditated for several minutes while taking deep breathes in and out; this would center her and relax her at the same time. When she had finished she said out loud "Papa guide me on my quest and I hope I've learned enough for a very important task ahead...I love you Papa."

Heather stood and thought to herself "You got this girl.....go get the love of your life" then tapping her Comm "Lieutenant Zebot this ready for me" she asked. "Absolutely....anytime your ready" Katlyn replied.

"I'm ready now....can you do a sight to sight transport from my quarters to Transporter Room Three so I don't have to walk the Ship" Heather asked.

"No problem.....initiating transport now" came the reply and the next thing Heather knew she was standing in front of Katlyn.

Katlyn looked up at Heather "Nice outfit....has the Commander seen you in that" she said with a chuckle.

Heather just smiled "Never you mind what the Commander's seen me in" she replied with a grin.

"You be careful over there.....I want to see both of you back here and I'm not leaving this spot until you both return....good luck friend" Katlyn said being quite serious and very sincere "I've scanned their ship and Jamie seems to be on Deck 3 so I will drop you in Crew quarters on Deck 2 which should be empty."

Heather gave Katlyn a 'thumbs up' sign and smiled then proceeded to put on her hood and pull the fingerless gloves over her hands. She took a deep breath and said "Energize" and moments later Heather was gone in a swirl of light.



Ensign Heather Devroe
Science Officer
USS Independence

Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot
Chief Tactical/Security Officer
USS Independence


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