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Post # 12 Rescue Pt.1

Posted on Sat Dec 11th, 2021 @ 5:09pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Ensign Heather Devroe
Edited on on Sat Dec 11th, 2021 @ 5:12pm

Mission: Sleeper Ship and Criminals
Location: Drifting Ship
Timeline: Current


{Deck 2}

Heather materialized in the Crew Quarters and crept over to the door and listened for a few moments to make sure no one was nearby; or this would be a short rescue op. After a few minutes she opened the door and reached in her pocket for a mirror drone which she tossed into the air so It would go into the corridor and used it to look around the area; no one was there so she carefully started towards Deck 3, sticking to the shadows as much as possible, to a nearby Jefferies Tube. Once in the Tube, she proceeded part way to Deck 3 until the Tube ended....Heather turned right and used a ventilation shaft to keep going. She very carefully slid her knees along the shaft, since she had knee pads sewn into her pants, which wouldn't make any noise on the metal surface.

{Deck 3}

As Heather made her way down the ventilation shaft she thought she started to hear voices. When she got closer the shaft leveled out and soon she realized she was now on Deck 3. Heather could hear a several distinct of which was Jamie's....Heather knew she was correct when she had told the Captain that this was where the Commander ended up after his abduction.

Finally the voices grew louder as she approached a grate in the ceiling of Deck 3. Heather looked down and could see several prisoners standing in a semi circle around she looked closer that someone was Jamie....she had found him....he was hanging from a beam by his wrists....there were too many prisoners around so Heather would wait for a more opportune time to make her move when only a few prisoners were around Jamie. Patience would determine the success or failure of this mission....failure was not an option as far as Heather was concerned.

She listened very carefully to the conversation between this guy called Brisco and Jamie. The fact that Jamie had been threatened didn't go over too well with him as Heather knew it wouldn't. Jamie was true to form when he refused to help get this ship operational again....although Heather wasn't sure that had been the right decision....especially since Jamie had been injected with a drug for being so stubborn.

The good news was, if that were even possible, was that Jamie was going to be moved to the brig where hopefully he'd be left alone....Heather would find a way to communicate with him.

She had all she could do to compose herself when she heard Jamie yelling in pain....and not try to rescue him right then and there...which would be a fatal mistake for both of them.

Heather watched the prisoners as they cut Jamie down from the rafters and began dragging him to the nearest lift; one on each side of him. Heather figured that the brig was most likely on the lowest that was where she was headed next. Carefully and quietly she made her way to Deck 4.

{Deck 4 Brig}

After the prisoners had Jamie bound hand to foot, they left Jamie alone and went elsewhere on the ship knowing that he was not going anywhere any time soon. Heather looked down through the air vent which was almost over the cell and could see Jamie just sitting there focused on keeping himself together.

Confident he was actually alone Heather tried to get his attention "Jamie....Jamie" she whispered as he started looking around the cell "Look up....I'm overhead" she said with a smile even though Jamie couldn't really see her.

"Heather is that you?" Jamie asked thinking that it was just the drugs making him hear her lovely voice "What the Bloody Hell are you doing here."

"Yes it's me Jamie and it's nice to see you too" she replied figuring it was the drugs talking and not Jamie "I'm here to rescue you."

Jamie soon realized that it really was Heather "Go back to the Indy right now....that's an order Ensign" he ordered not wanting her in harms way.

Heather heard what he had said and thought "So your going to pull rank on me? I don't think so" Two can play this game "With respect Commander.....that's not going to can reprimand me later when we're safe back on the Indy if you wish."

Jamie let out a long sigh "Damn you women....why do you have to be so stubborn" he stated "So what's the plan."

Heather just grinned to herself "I've learned from the best" she replied "This is what I want you to do. You need to sound convincing...but agree to fix the ship...I stand a much better chance of getting us out of here alive if I have the Engine Room to use as cover...I'm sure you can stall the repairs long enough for me to get to you."

Jamie looked up and smiled "Alright...I can do that and I hope you know what your doing....I couldn't stand to watch them torture you or worse" he replied "Brisco strikes me as being ruthless."

"Don't worry...just play along....I know what I'm doing" Heather assured him "Now we just wait in silence so as not to give me away." Jamie nodded yes and went back to keeping himself centered and keeping the itching at bay as best he could.

Heather heard the conversation between Brisco and Jamie which really made her pissed. She was concerned if Jamie could hold it together. She watched Jamie closely to see how he would handle the extra strong drugs. It almost broke her heart to watch him going through what she knew had to be very difficult. She closed her eyes and concentrated on Jamie then whispered "Jamie remember your can get through'll be out of here soon....I love you" she whispered. Then she relaxed and waited for the next things to happen.

Heather watched Jamie change clothes and Brisco putting the shackles around Jamie's ankles. When they started for the Engine Room she waited for several minutes before sliding her way to her exit point just outside where Jamie and his captors would be.


Ensign Heather Devroe
Science Officer
USS Independence

Commander Jamie O'Connell
Executive Officer
USS Independence


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